Outsourcing in Bangladesh

September 22nd, 2016 at 11:55 pm

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Since the dawn of civilization, man has been starving for being successful and well established in life. For that, they are trying to achieve whatever they can to earn a living. From agricultural works to manual labor, man has been becoming self-sufficient to support their family. But still, in our country, we can find a large number of people unemployed. They have to go running around to get a job. Even if they get one, for most of the cases, it seems the job becomes much difficult for that person from various aspects. But now in this modern era, man has found a way to do online earning as a freelancer and is saving himself from the darkness of unemployment. They are now performing an outsourcing job and thus being self-sufficient. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is a major and significant solution to those people who are currently into doing nothing and passing leisure gossiping or sitting idly.

By breaking the word “Outsourcing” we can get two small words, “Out” and “Source”. It generally involves making the contract with a company perform a particular task. We take the job online. And henceforth we are paid. Such job is easy and does not require much labor cost. Just having an internet connection is enough to do online earning. By only having an internet connection, one can utilize his leisure time through earning online. Then with a little effort, a person can actually complete his outsourcing job. So it is not a difficult job. Only skill is required. And any type of people is suitable for this job.

Even though the job sounds easy, however outsourcing in Bangladesh has many problems. Bangladesh is a small country. In respect to its land area, it contains a massive amount of population. But still, if we go on taking a survey, we will find that most of the people are unemployed. Having a huge amount of population is not serving any purpose. That’s why Bangladesh is considered as one of the least developed countries. There is not much outsourcing training in Bangladesh. The outsourcing job is online based. Our country has neither a well-developed internet nor is the communication system well established. In other countries, people are being self-sufficient by online outsourcing as they have a good net connection. Their communication system is also good. On the other hand, the general mass of our country is not even aware of such a thing where people can actually do online earning as a freelancer and become self-sufficient. So outsourcing in Bangladesh is quite difficult to spread. Though it can serve many purposes, but yet it is not easily affordable. Some cannot even fluently speak English. Besides, the electricity problem is very common in the country. If load shedding occurs, it turns out to be a great massive problem to the mass. In some places, electricity has not even reached. And another problem is the poor communication system. It is essential on the path of online outsourcing.

Outsourcing In Bangladesh

Outsourcing In Bangladesh

So, outsourcing in Bangladesh has yet to become common and popular in our country. On the other hand, the developing countries are more advanced due to their well-established internet connection and high-speed internet. They have sufficient outsourcing training. They also have a better paying method compared to ours. So to cope up with them, we have to set up much outsourcing training in Bangladesh. Steps should be taken to eradicate slow lagging internet. We have to establish outsourcing training in Dhaka, its capital. Because compared to the other districts, Dhaka is advanced in the field of electricity, internet technology, and communication. Still more proper and well-developed communication system must be built up. The electricity problem must be solved as well.

Outsourcing training in Bangladesh is a very good step for the development of our country. It can bring out the hidden talent of a person and make him well established in his life. So outsourcing training in Dhaka is also significant as Dhaka is the main capital of Bangladesh. Many unemployed people can be seen in the capital. They do not have any job. So they pass a fully off-time; doing absolutely nothing. It hampers both his moral life and also the society. But if he were to bring his talent by doing outsourcing training, then he could have served many purposes. Besides, in Dhaka the internet connection is also quite satisfactory. So learning the outsourcing job from the capital is a wise choice.

Online employers are mainly the head of large companies of developed countries. So they prefer the job to be done at a lower cost. In this sense, a country like Bangladesh is more suited to them. So they mostly choose online outsourcing freelancers from Bangladesh. Their job is mainly IT based like Data Processing, Graphics Designing, Programming, Virtual Assistant and much more. By setting up outsourcing training center we can teach the general mass such things. They will be benefited if they learn those and will finally be able to help the employers. Besides, the present young generation is becoming quite skillful in handling computers. So outsourcing in Bangladesh won’t be much difficult. They should be given outsourcing training, that’s all. Then, they will be able to complete online outsourcing on their own by getting a proper training.

The problem in outsourcing training in Dhaka lies mainly based on the condition of the internet. The clients do not like works with haste or being late. So punctuality is a key factor to be maintained especially for outsourcing in Bangladesh. Besides, it also does not have any direct connection with the international submarine cable system. But it is a matter of good news that presently government is trying to get the connection with the international submarine cable system directly which will henceforth increase the internet facility in our country. Thus, outsourcing in Bangladesh will become a lot easier.

After the internet, problem comes the communication problem. For doing outsourcing in Bangladesh, this has to be noticed carefully. Without the interview, the employer will not give his job to the freelancer. Even by means of online chatting or voice call, the employer will take an interview to learn about his freelancer. Thus communicative skill is required for the outsourcing job. But the communication problem persists a lot in outsourcing in Bangladesh. So, we have to practice the English language regularly. English is the most spoken language. But there are not enough facilities to learn English properly and fluently. This is one of the important factors to be noticed before outsourcing training.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh has yet another obstacle. Any job after completing demands payment. This online outsourcing is no exception as well. In fact, this is required to complete the task. Thus online earning is done as a means of freelancing. But the payment system is not so well developed in Bangladesh. Renowned systems of payment like PayPal, Alert pay are still not up to the mark. However, this is done in an alternative mean. So the government has to focus on this step. Or else, all the outsourcing training in Bangladesh will be in vain. Without getting payment, one will not fulfill his job. So, a proper measure should be taken to improve the payment system in outsourcing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a small country set up in the total geographical location of the Earth. It has quite a vast population. As a blessing, its people are quite talented and skillful. So the people are quite suitable for outsourcing in Bangladesh. By applying proper outsourcing training in Dhaka especially, we can present a good number of talented Bangladeshi freelancers. The employers are generally owners of large companies in developed countries. So they prefer their work do be done at a cheaper rate. So Bangladesh is naturally on top among their choice. Unlike other developed countries, Bangladeshi freelancers do not demand much payment. By getting a good interview, they can get an easy job and get a handful amount paid. So outsourcing training in Bangladesh is quite useful. It can make a good use of time for the idle sitting people. It is a good way of working part time also. If outsourcing training in Dhaka is made easy, then a great development will be expected from the people of our country. If anyone has proper patience and ability to work hard can easily get success in outsourcing area.

By continuing this outsourcing in Dhaka it will gradually spread out to all over the country. At a time, it will come when all the people of our country will be self-employed and self-sufficient. So we have to spread the culture of outsourcing in Bangladesh and make it more easy and affordable to all. As I am a citizen of Bangladesh, I would want to prosper and development of my country. I also hope everyone gets this mentality. Then everyone will be able to be self-employed. By co-operation, we can actually erase all the obstacles in online earning. We aspire that Bangladesh will be a worthy country and be recognized as a proud nation. So let us all unite, and spread out outsourcing in Bangladesh.