Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

May 21st, 2014 at 03:57 pm

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Very commonly said ‘self protection is the first law of nature’. People need safe earnings to lead a good life. For earnings, we all are engaged with jobs in various companies. In our day-to-day lives, we face various unwanted problems at office and in peripheral lives. Socio, economical and political crisis are also creating various critical factors in leading a good life. We can fall into problems at any time and lose our jobs; we might as well become disabled by unfortunate accidents. Human life is very cruel and thus all of us should always be prepared from within to find out the best ways for living a good and healthy life. Technology and research are here to make your life better; showing us lost of governance for sweet livings. Invention of the internet makes this world a global village, where we can perform huge categorical work around the sun. We have legit ways to make money from home.

Legit Ways to Make Money from Home
Unemployment & underemployment becoming a big problem in our everyday life always thinking to protect job, never thinking what is right or wrong only care myself talks about how much earning per month but never guessing whether it legitimate for me or not, achieving introvert attitude taking in account we are professional. Warren Buffet said “always find a second source of income” you can make money online as a freelancer. Freelancers are professional personnel who employ themselves using their various skills like document writing, Data entry, web, mobile and software application development, sales and marketing, photography and graphic design. For high end support you work at windows and Linux servers. Lots of buyers and companies are available around the world those who are waiting to do their various work from outside in a competitive price. You may make money online for free as a freelancer with any particular skills or knowledge.

Cyber world made companies to outsource their works from various part of the world in a cheap rate. Work category matching with some ones skills helps him to do the job for the company. A freelancer can make money online from home. He doesn’t need any investment accept proper knowledge for the Job. It especially helpful for mother and a women who can earn money, help the family and take care of children from home. It is very difficult for the women in Bangladesh to work outside due to traffic as well the poor transport availability many of us not able to maintain her own transport. Recently women of our country doing good in freelancing Job. Lot of freelancers is making money online with Google using Google Adsense. Depending on traffic/visitor of your site Google will publish add at you site and you will be paid by Google.

Freelancing is becoming very popular Job in today’s world due to head count and cost cartel for various big companies around the globe. Making money online from home 2014 is a most renowned employment than the earlier years; Bangladesh is in 2nd position for earning money online. The business process has changed totally now it has fall into a new theory call Social Media Marketing (SMM) which allow us to know how we can earn money from home. Peoples are doing various activities such making goods & dresses selling products from home –like cake, bread, pickles etc. Many of us supporting others to run their business using their skills like writings, designing web page making software and mobile apps, graphic design, Search Engine optimization, Medical Transcription, Enterprise product support like windows server Linux Server, Exchange & Mail server support a lot of ways to support. Here we can ask ourselves what is the best way to make money online from home? I can share this totally depends on our skills, merits & the price of work.

I would like to share some true stories which I have observed directly, my lady colleague was pregnant but she took leave a day before delivery because she wanted to spend all her maternity leave with his new born baby at that time maternity leave was for 3 months now it has become 6 months. Another colleague joined office to save her after 30 days of her delivery. My office appointed a carrying woman but when office notices due to her irritating behavior she was fired. As much as have come to learn about she was an experienced & talented financial professional. My younger sister works in a reputed organization that provides day care facility but when she used to go for breast feeding others are talking she is wasting office time.

Now we have lots of legit ways to make extra money from home 1. Writings 2. Data entry 3. Graphic Design 4. Web design 5.Software development 6. Game development 7. Search Engine optimization (SEO) 8. From Google Adsense 9. call Center support 10. From affiliated site 11. Server support 12. Mail server support 13. Linux server maintenance.  To do that type of work we just need a high speed internet connection which has become very cheap to-day.

SEO has become a very vital part for to-day’s global business due to its search engine marketing policy. To-day’s world SEO is not a cost it is an investment. Demand for SEO engineer is very high especially the white hat SEO engineer. For natural SEO an expert need to work hard and other way for SEO is Paid (PPC) where we can buy a key word from Google to put our site at top. These sites are shown as add site. Google will charge per click from his client. The demand for SEO is very high one can earn money online by SEO. This is very competitive job a person working very hard & studying everyday could become a good SEO expert & the demand is very high. SEO is upgrading by day so gaining knowledge is obvious. You can earn huge money from home by making your site affiliated with Amazon dot com or Google Adsense if your site become at first page of Google by keyword search. Advance IT Institute in Dhaka BD provides various training on Online Outsourcing courses which more effective for starting earning. A good SEO expert has to be a good writer also. A person can write on various subject for relating sites or blog and can earn money. One can write on Sports, different type of recipes, politics, and research document, fashion & life style. One person using his knowledge & idea can get money from online by article writing.

Just few weeks ago saw an article in a renowned daily newspaper that people are earning a thousand of BDT per month so I want to earn huge money by starting freelancing. The concept is totally wrong. There are no such best tips for earnings from online and become rich shortly. We all should work hard and flow guidelines such as achieve the skill for the for type work you want to do, don’t try to become rich you may fall into the trap of scam, never pay others for work, do not miss the deadline of your work, keep good relation with buyers, face interview with confidence, try to understand the requirement of the job, find out a good teacher, flow the Standard of procedure (SOP) for the required Job, don’t start spamming to get rich quickly.