How to start freelancing in Bangladesh

December 14th, 2017 at 12:06 am

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Freelancing is a contract between a company and people by which one can easily associate with a work of his/her own choice. Freelancers are often considered as self-employed and they have the opportunity to choose the project or work of their own capability. Such as a common of the profession of freelancing is web designing; a web designer can easily submit his/her work in different companies without being contracted to any one company in particular. Now I will describe How to start freelancing in Bangladesh.

How to start freelancing in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, freelancers are most of the male person but now day’s female freelancers are increasing. The main reason of freelancing is good earnings and flexibility of the work. In the scenario of Bangladesh where there is huge lacking of job opportunities for the educated people, freelancing is a sector by which they can earn a respectable salary of his/her work. As well as one can easily prove himself/herself in front of the world’s biggest job market by his own capabilities.

How to start freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancers are also known as the online marketer. They mostly work for the clients of USA and UK. In Bangladesh, one can easily start his freelancing experience by working with Upwork. By opening a Verified Identity a qualified person of his own field can easily start his/her career in the open job market site. A person can get a job from the upwork by the bidding process. By this process, a client will justify you. If your profile and presentation can impress them you can easily get the job with a time limit. The work must be submitted on time if you want the right price for your work. Further, it will help to build your working profile stronger. In future, your punctuality and working profile will give you the strength to get a convenient job in the open marketplace.

Without Upwork there are lots of sites who can give you the job by this bidding process. There is some way to get the job in Upwork and any other sites by following these steps. Like, you have to complete your upwork profile completely. By attaching some relevant portfolio and sample work can be an easy access to get a job from the clients. Punctuality and different skills like language test will assure the huge quantities of the job than others.

Freelancing is a hard work. People are attracted by its freedom and glamour. But it must be remembered that it’s a solo business of your own. So in this regards, you will be your own boss along with salesman, project manager, technician, accountant, lawyer, and delivery boy rolled into one. So it’s a tough work without any doubt. So you have to keep in mind that there are steps to follow in this field. I have already discussed the freelancing sites. Now I will discuss some different scenario for getting a fresh start in freelancing or outsourcing.

First of all, one has to be very determined about his interesting work. It is very important to discover one’s creativity of his own. It is totally your choice of what field you want to work. But after choosing the work you have given the best output for your client. The vision is important for your dedication to future.

There is some form of business in the outsourcing field. You have to form the strategy of your business of your own. But the way should be very authentic and clear for the client. The way should be related to marketing materials for spreading your business.

Different types of blogs and websites and backlink can be fruitful for marketing materials. Spreading the backlinks is useful for describing your activities and work. Besides that, a portfolio of your demo work or blog can make your clients satisfied.

For the freelancing work, a financial process has to establish for the payment of your work. The payment should be on online like visa or in master card.

There are some other steps to follow in this regards. Like famous freelancers have some ideas and way to do the job in their rules and way. One should have to follow those rules to build up his/her career on this side. They have special knowledge about freelancing as they are experienced than yours. So follow their outline and guidance if you can manage. This is a good way to get the initial ideas about any project in this field. Beside that join more freelancing sites as you can.

Here are some short rules to start your business in this field: (for contacting with the clients)

  • Keep your proposal short but clear enough.
  • A short demonstration is needed for client’s job description.
  • Have to have a good personality and friendly behaviour.
  • Maintain a personal writing blog for the sample writing skills.
  • An attachment of your writing sample is needed for client’s proposal.

Here is some way to find the way to entering the freelancing market easily:

  • Try to have contacts with some renowned freelancers
  • Get some help from friends as well as family ( if anybody have ideas)
  • Try to relate to any freelancing agencies of your city.
  • Try to make some irresistible writing content for your own blog site. (For sample/for clients).

For your writing skills here are some points to get some ideas:

  • Try to write on evergreen topics ( avoid breaking news, write on long time newsworthy things)
  • Write about big issues (like relationships, marketing, food, media, celebrities, personal finance etc)
  • Try to convert your article in reported essays.
  • Try to capture the trade audience for your article.
  • Use bank link for your blog.

Avoid fear, be honest, be dedicated and start your business with a new angle. In all business, there are some rules. you must follow the rules of every business. If you maintain all rules, can start solving the question How to start freelancing in Bangladesh. In freelancing, you will get some extra advantage as a newcomer because of its individuality and freedom. It is a nice platform for both clients and a job finder. Use your potential in a good way, in a right way with great privacy.