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Outsourcing Vs. Freelancing | Differences & Misconceptions

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Outsourcing and Freelancing are typically related closely to each other, and this is why a misconception has been created amongst the newbie freelancers and outsourcing business holders from all over the world. Most of these people cannot separate the meaning of what is outsourcing and what is the freelancing exactly. Someone thinks she/he is doing outsourcing still when s/he is doing the freelancing stuff generally and vice versa. So, What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is everything about getting your tasks done by someone who is willing to do it according to your given requirements by having a payout from you. Outsourcing or Offshore Business idea was generated longs days ago when the business personnel found their Work List is too much huge to control. They planned to distribute their tasks to the skilled peoples out there who were willing to accomplish these tasks and wanted to get paid for it. As the unemployment problems were increasing and the permanent jobs in local government establishment centers were very much few; people were being more interested to find such type of freelancing tasks (outsourced by the business owner) to live their life. This is how “Outsourcing” became a trend in the virtual jobs hunting space, and lots of outsourcing jobs providing site have also been launched like Freelancer.Com. So, naturally saying: Outsourcing is a process to build your business using freelancers and get anything you want to do according to the requirements and specifications through a deal of fixed payout. The performance of an outsourcing campaign is thoroughly dependent upon what the surefire method you know about how to outsource effectively. People who want to get into these outsourcing marketplaces; they should check out any Outsourcing Case Study to have necessary start-up knowledge on it. What is Freelancing? Freelancing is all about getting paid by doing the stuff that has been outsourced to a business owner. Freelancing is a skill selling the game, and guys like you can bid any of the projects posted on the Freelance Job Boards according to your abilities. In the freelance job sites like Freelancer.Com, you have to create an account first. Then add some skills to your profile and give your profile a title by exposing the skills you have and let the buyers know about what type of jobs you want to do correctly. There are no limitations of making money as a freelancer. The business owner often reaches to this kind of freelancing sites to efficiently hire those freelancers so that their business runs as smoothly as it should be. Freelancers take part in bidding according to their skills and by the time going they become recognized as experts in their private sector. Hope you guys have understood the difference between Outsourcing and Freelancing and the misconception between these has been gone away. Best...

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10 Things To Consider While Hiring Freelancers For A Business

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While you are going to hire an individual or a group of freelancers for building your new business; then hiring the best possible freelancers is the only way to have success. Choosing a wrong freelancer not only harm your business to go as smoothly as what you expected but it will also kill your valuable time at the initial stages which you never wanted to have. So, while you are on the way to build your businesses by depending on the freelancers whom you don’t know and when you will have to maintain your tasks to be done by online or staying so far away from that freelancer; you must have to know whom you are dealing with and what to see before making a deal and some other authentic information about a freelancer who will make you damn sure that you will have the best work you expected and surely it is in time which ensures the adequate hire of freelancers.   So, here is a bullet list of how to choose the best freelancers for your business:- The very first thing is to check is that how much work this guy has already done. The more work s/he has completed in your specified Category, the more experienced s/he is. So, count the total numbers of hours s/he has worked and a total number of jobs s/he has completed successfully. Check how many Five Star Feedbacks s/he has gotten. The more 5 star, the better. Choosing a freelancer with many Low rated Star defines the quality of that freelancer and his/her overall performance. Check the recommendations by other Buyers. If they are frankly recommending him/her to the work you want him/her to do; then double check the profile and fix your deals. Check that freelancer’s Profile. Is there any real profile picture exist? Search the name on Google and try to find something brief about him/her. If you see something positive; then go with him/her. Find any contact email ID and mail her about your requirements in details. If she replies you shortly in a professional manner; then it seems she is right in communication and you will have a better experience with her in the sense of often contacting while the work will be in process. While you will post a new Project or Jobs; check out every Bid carefully. See who have understood your requirements correctly without asking any further question. If you find someone, then go with that. Check the cover letters sent to you. Are these descriptive enough? Were they spent much time to write the message to be as vivid as you want? Professionalism matters here. Double check the Jobs Quality of the freelancers which they have already done! You will find some freelancers who have done lots of work already, but these works are too much weak and only doesn’t suit the work you are planning to get done by them. So, find the best and qualified one who will be able to grow your business. As this is the business concern; list the lowest bidders on your project posting. You should find someone who will provide you the best work with minimum expenses on your end. If anyone mention about time in their cover letter like “Hey, I will do this...

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How to Make Yourself Better in Freelance Marketplace

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Freelancing is a skill selling the game, and the demand and expectation would have no bound when the freelancers are more skilled, and much professional as when more freelance jobs are accomplished and more clients are handled. Refining the specializations with new skills and have expertise on any new projects, getting more star rated feedbacks raise yourself as a better freelancer in the popular marketplaces like Upwork, and so on. As you are growing, as you quality is being improved, as you already know how to make money as a freelancer; there is a considerable chance to fix your selling price bit higher. If you do not do this now; you are losing your money ultimately. However, you must have to consider some factors before making your rates higher than before. Have betterment in your profile and rating might raise you on top or loosen you down. So, be careful and take the best decision you have ever taken to make yourself the best freelancer. Just Higher Your Existing Rate: While your numbers of completed jobs are growing, while you are getting more high rated star feedbacks; change your rates go higher. Look other similar contractors and match your skills with them. If you found you are better than them; then increase your price as you deserve it. Study Other Similar Freelancer’s Profile: Check out what they are doing and how they have reached such higher rates. Study their profiles and decorate your profile in the same way. Check out their works, their feedbacks and the clients whom they are dealing with. Build your Skills in the High Rated Jobs: Not all kind of jobs can help you to build your reputation in the freelance field, and not all of the tasks can give you the recognition you expect. Build Your Skills in the Jobs in Higher Demand: Check out the Freelancer Marketplaces’ latest Works trend and looks what are being hot these days. Higher demand means higher rates can be obtained from the buyers. Participate in the Free Skill Test & Enrich Your Profile: Free Skills test provided by some favorite freelancer places might be an excellent source to promote your skills. Whenever you pass on a test, your given result will be added automatically to your profile. I think this is a great way to make one’s profile vibrant and gorgeous. The more expertise you have on any given skill, the better chance you will have to get hired. This is a real way to help the contractors to hire freelancers effectively. Link your professional web portfolio with your Freelance Marketplace Profile: You should have a professional looking portfolio webpage or a blog where you can show your expertise to the whole world. Whatever jobs you have completed, just link it to your portfolio webpage and make it connected to your freelance marketplace profile. Add your LinkedIn profile to your marketplace profile so that the buyers can explore more information about your expertise from that profile too. Another way, it is a great way to show your professionalism which may let your buyers assume that how much serious, dedicated and professional you are in the respective field. Write Unique & Informative Cover Letter For Each Application: Try to write unique and informative cover letter for each...

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How Outsourcing to Freelancers Saves Your Money

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These days outsourcing became a craze to the freelancers and for the business owners too. As a business owner, you can save lots of money by outsourcing the stuff cheaply to the freelancers from all over the world. When a job or project is posted on the or any other freelancing marketplace’s job-board; many freelancers from all over the world take part in the bidding. Each of the freelancers tries to bid as lowest as they can compare to other bidders on the board to increase their hiring probabilities. That is why lots of cheap freelancers can be found in one place, and this is how you are saving money by hiring the lowest bidder from the list to build your business using freelancers. In you only have to pay when the project is accomplished, and you are satisfied with the output. That means you are getting your jobs done by spending less amount money that you could not perform by using any other renowned firm or company of your locality. Here I have accumulated a list of reasons of why a business owner should outsource their jobs to the freelancers to save money:- The scope of choosing the Cheapest Freelancers: As lots of bidders take part in bidding in the job-board; you can easily choose the lowest priced bidders from these. Most importantly, your ultimate goal of outsourcing is to get it done anyway. So, why not choose a freelancer who wants to get your stuff done and bid the lowest rate comparing others? Trust me; it is going to save much money. Outsourcing Requires Less Attention: As a business owner, you know already that there are lots of engagement required for your traditional office to get your stuff done. However, when you think about freelancers; you can comfortably sit back after posting your project on job board and waiting to find the best freelancers to bid. If you know how to outsource efficiently, then this process would be damn more comfortable for you. Easy to hire best freelancers: As most of the freelance marketplace offers you to check out everyone’s profile who bid on your project, and if you know how to hire freelancers effectively; then you can quickly engage the best freelancer of this world. Scopes to Learn Continuously: There are lots of outsourcing case study and success stories in this internet world, and you can learn a lot about this outsourcing stuffs. The more you learn, the better outsourcing skills you will own. Moreover, most importantly, all of these outsourcing case studies and resources are completely free and cost no pennies. These are all about how you can save your money by using freelancers in your business. Good...

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An Outsourcing Case Study

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This Outsourcing Case study is all about analyzing the procedure of hiring a freelancer from an outsourcing marketplace, what I did to eventually overcome all of the problems I faced while hiring someone and the service I received in return. Here in this outsourcing case study, I will show you how I outsourced one of my projects on, how I selected the best-skilled bidder, how I dealt with them, problems I solved, how I efficiently communicated with them, how I managed the best output, from the freelancers and what things I considered to hire the best freelancers. Along with mentioning the problems I faced, I will provide you with the solutions that you may manipulate while you outsource anything to Figuring Out Exact Jobs To Outsource: In this outsourcing case study, I am going to demonstrate some ways to figure out the exact jobs to outsource. If you are running a business, you may have quite a several types of work in hand to be done by your employees. However, it is somewhat impossible to recruit somebody who can handle all types of tasks all by himself. Moreover, sometimes you might get orders from your customers who need some extra efforts, and you might want to get these done anyway. So, what will you do then? In such cases, you need someone who can do these stuff and are willing to go some extra mile for you. You need someone who can do this work at an affordable rate as per your expectation. Once I got a weird web development order from one of my clients, but I was unwilling to deny him the service. So I planned to outsource it to as it is the most reliable outsourcing platform where you have to pay only when you get your stuff done, and you are satisfied with the work. Posting a Project on the Job Board: I have already mentioned in an earlier article which jobs to be outsourced. In this case, I outsource a web development project. You might think that Freelance Developers are a little bit expensive, but in Freelancer.Com, you have lots of tools and features to choose the cheapest but the most skilled freelancer from a long list of potential bidders. First I planned on my requirements and the quality I expected. I noted down in a notebook about everything I required to get done, and then I attached with the Job Details while I posted my project on I mentioned the time when I needed it, and I gave reference to some similar tasks I found on the internet. I included all the design and navigation requirements and I also said that I would never compromise with the quality. After everything was accumulated, I posted my project and asked skilled freelancers to bid on my project. I also added the required skills in the Job Description to make the prospective experienced freelancers attracted to my project. In Job-board, the necessary skills are usually highlighted, and this remarkable feature helps a freelancer to decide quickly whether s/he can look into this project for further action or not. Eventually, the most important step you have to take, and this is all about estimating a rate for your project. I usually prefer...

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How to Build A Business Using Freelancers

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Building a successful business requires plenty of things to consider like how much money you should invest, how much time you should spend to make a product, how many people you should hire to commercialize your products and how competent your hired people are to handle your business activities to run the businesses as smoothly as it is needed or where to find those stuff that will be necessary to back up your primary business and so on. As a human being, you are unlikely to handle all of these messy things all by yourself; it is mostly you cannot manage enough time from your busy schedule, and again you are not supposed to have all the necessary skills to provide all the stuff your business requires to accomplish. You are not expert in all fields, are you? In this case, you have two options to choose from; either you have to recruit some skilled people for each separate sections of your business, or you have to leave those tasks undone. Like I said before, you are not a machine which has every skill on earth! As you are building your own business; as an entrepreneur, you will be looking for the cheapest ways to get your job done! Unfortunately, if you want to recruit a full time experienced employees these days and give them a fixed monthly salary, no matter how much work they do for you, you might find yourself in an ill-chosen situation in no time due to low ROI. It is because, as you are only starting up your business, you cannot expect to have significant returns from your business overnight to cover that significant initial investment on your employees. Well, then what will you have to do to avoid such unexpected consequences? Which is the exact sure-fire thing to build a successful business online where less money is to spend, and more tasks are done within the shortest possible time along with getting opportunities to recruit the best-skilled guys from the world? Okay, here is the secret: Build Your Business by Using Freelancers. Yes! Freelancers are cost-efficient, super-fast, highly qualified, well-experienced and as flexible as you want them to be. So, here I will be talking about every nut guts of various steps and recommended methods to build a business using freelancers whom you can hire from multiple freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.Com Stages of Building a Business by using Freelancers from Freelancer.Com As you are eager to use freelancers as your employees to handle your business stuff, I will give you step by step instructions about what to do correctly to make this whole system work. I will be discussing about where to go to hire, how to find the most skilled freelancers, how to make a successful deal with them, how to manage and convince them to provide the best output you want, how to build a trustworthy relation with them and get jobs done as quickly as your business demands, e.g., in the time of emergency. I will also be telling you how to encourage them to work more for you and so on. You are sure to find freelancers to help you with any online businesses, e.g., web development business, web application making trade, content development business, PR business, software business, Networking business, hosting trade,...

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How To Outsource Effectively

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Outsourcing can give your business an instant boost regarding growth and profit that you never imagined before. Outsourcing your work to freelancers will reduce your work stress, build your company expertise & reputation as well. It also ensures that your work gets done within any given time and provides fast completion rate of projects and the precise output you exactly need from the person you hire. No matter what businesses you are running, no matter what type of works you do, no matter what kind of customers you are dealing with, if you know how to efficiently outsource, then doing a successful business and being a successful entrepreneur is not that tough like most people usually think! A small business or comparatively large business modules need a well-designed business outline to follow. The management and execution board decides how to manipulate things according to the demands of the customers. In this case, while completion of a task matters and you are never to compromise with the quality of your services, the name of outsourcing comes to our mind in the first place. As an entrepreneur, you must have to be well-aware of what types of tasks you should outsource, what kinds of freelance developers, designers, marketers or copywriters you should be seeking for and how to manage this whole outsourcing thing. If you do not possess a thorough knowledge of outsourcing, you will inevitably fall behind the rest of the market. These might harm your business or brand’s reputation as well, and even it might lead to a monetary crisis. Effective outsourcing depends on many factors like what marketplace you are using (In my opinion, and is the best so far), what factors you are considering to hire a freelancer and how specific and bold your requirements are. So, effective outsourcing is a matter of practice, experiments, expertise and all about learning from your previous mistakes. However, before making a journey to the outsourcing world, you must have to know how to outsource efficiently and what stuffs you will be outsourcing and how to manage the whole process. Here is a list of factors that you should consider while hiring a freelancer to make your outsourcing process as much product as you want:- Use Freelancer.Com for Best Outsourcing Experience: To me, is one of the most flexible and easy to handle outsourcing platform ever. Here in Freelancer.Com, you will not only get introduced with the highly skilled freelancers from all around the globe but also get cost-effective, high-quality services using the interface of the marketplace which will give you the best possible criteria to hire highly professional freelancers. I highly recommend you to try this marketplace for getting maximum satisfaction. Choosing the right freelance marketplace like Freelancer.Com will save your time, money and overall business resources and keep you away from any unwanted expenditure. Figure out What to Outsource: As you are running a business, I guess there are lots of services and products you have. Outsourcing all these is not the best possible solution at all. You have to figure out the tasks that can be well-accomplished by your existing employees or experts. Outsource the functions that could be time-consuming and costly to get it done by using your existing employees. Outsource the jobs that need high skills that...

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How to Make Money as a Freelancer

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“How to make money online” is one of the most searched items on the Internet nowadays. People who use the internet are not only busy with Facebook or any other social media, video downloading sites but also interested in making some money from the internet to make their spent time valuable and worthwhile. If you are also looking for such opportunity to be self-employed and eager to offer your services to buyers without engaging yourself in a long-term commitment, I bet you will love to work as a freelancer. A freelancer or freelance worker is somebody who is self-employed and offer their services to employer/buyer without a long-term commitment Working as a freelancer is a great way to be autonomous and make money from home by providing your services or skills to the prospective clients who need it. Moreover, if people want to get things done from the people like you to build their business, they will pay you for what you did for them, and thus you will be making money as a freelancer. For a freelancer, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available in which can provide you with substantial monetary gain you never imagined before and even you can quit from your daily full-time tedious job by delivering your freelance services. As earning possibilities have no limitations here, you can reach your long cherished golden mark of possible gaining within a very few days. One question might come to your mind by this time: how to make money as a freelancer? Moreover, what steps I will have to take to start this freelance money making the journey? Well, here I will describe everything about the steps of making money as a Freelancer and what freelance jobs are waiting for you to take you to the next level of success and financial gain. Steps of Making Money by Sign Up – The Very First Step: To make money as a freelancer, you must have to open an account on freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.Com. I am here recommending you the Freelancer.Com as this is one of the largest and trusted Freelancing Sites ever and you will get hundreds of thousands of available freelance jobs there to make your first Job Bid online. Fixed price and hourly, both kinds of situations are available on, so Sign up now and start making money as a freelancer. Decorate Your Profile: After creating an account in Freelancer.Com, add your profile Photo (which has some professional look), testimonials, portfolio and the details about your skills. The more information you will be able to provide in your profile about your skills and experience, the better chance you will have to get hired. Don’t emphasize on too many skills at the beginning. Show the best skills you have and entice buyers to hire you. If you add too many skills on your profile, this means you are an average contractor who has no compelling skills or experiences in any specific sector. So, beware of this and show yourself as an expert no matter what industry you are targeting. Start Bidding: This is one of the most critical steps that you are going to take. So be careful. I see lots of people are spending the time to learn thousands of ways to earn money...

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How to Successfully Hire and Manage Best Freelancers

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Hiring freelancers effectively result in the success of your business. As you depend on the people from virtual space, I guess you are looking for hiring the best freelancers around the freelance marketplaces to make your business a success. Your web-based business runs well when you are in a position to get things done as fast as your buyer needs them to be done. Your buyers also want the best possible service from you regarding cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Some proper steps should be carefully followed to hire a freelancer efficiently, and if you have some experience, it will be undoubtedly helpful in this regard to find the best one from the crowds, no matter whether you are going to hire a designer or a developer. Fortunately, most of the freelance marketplaces including provide various options and methods to select the best freelancer from the bidder list. For instance: rating system, feedback, work history and passed exam icons and so on. So, here are some factors one should consider while s/he is on the way to efficiently hire freelancers from Freelancer.Com:- Post A Project on Freelancer.Com: Effective hiring requires to choose the best marketplace available in the virtual is the most recommended marketplace for you as hiring process is super more comfortable here and the flexibility to evaluate the bidders and freelancers is incredible on which you will never find anywhere else. While posting your project, please give a title to your project first. Mention all of the catchy and bold requirements of your project in the title and select a suitable category which represents your plan most efficiently. Choose the skills you are looking for and add your job requirements in details. If you have any sample of any other similar task, then add those files to your project. On Freelancer.Com, you have the option to set either a Fixed Price rate or Hourly Rate for your project. Don’t add anything that causes misunderstanding among the bidders. Write your Job Requirements in details and use plain language so that the bidders can easily understand the whole text. Check out The Overall Qualification: After you publish your projects on Freelancer.Com, within an hour you will find lots of freelancers bidding on your project from all over the world. At this stage, you will have to take the most crucial steps. First, check out the qualifications of each bidder. Check how many works they have already done, how positive their feedback is and what their overall profile rating is. Select the best-qualified freelancers and contact them to let them know the details about your project and requirements. Compare each of the project bidders by going through their qualification, total working hours, full plans completed and include whether they have an online portfolio or not. Communicate With The Freelancers: After selecting several freelancers for your project, you have to make proper communication with them by using built-in Message system or Contact technology of You should not award your project without having any conversation with the freelancers involved in the process. After submitting your full requirements, check out how many of them have thoroughly understood the conditions you provided. Open your public clarification board and be active in the Private Message box. We recommend it because many freelancers may find it difficult to understand everything about...

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Where and When Should You Outsource Data Conversion Services?

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April 23rd, 2018 at 05:35 pmAs the name suggests, data conversion is the process of converting one form of data into another. For example, if your business is currently gathering data in Excel, Word, and PDF formats, then you would be wise to consolidate those reports into a single format. There are also times where data might be available in one form, but a business needs it in another to access it. Either of the above two scenarios would require the company to outsource data conversion services. The two big questions that this post is going to answer are where and when should you outsource data conversion? India has always been the most popular location for outsourcing all types of data processing and translation, but the truth is that there is no single solution for every business. Let’s take a closer look. When Should You Outsource Data Conversion Services? In addition to the two scenarios listed above, here are some situations when you will need to outsource this critical task. You Need Consistent Quality Many businesses attempt to take on this task in-house. In some cases that might work but if you find that your results are inconsistent, then you should consider outsourcing it. Providers have a great deal of experience, so they understand how to ensure consistent quality and they have the tools to make it happen. You Need to Process Large Volumes of Data There comes the point in every business when its needs will exceed its resources. When a market finds that it’s no longer able to handle their data conversion, then it’s time to outsource. Data conversion is not a core business task, making it a prime candidate for delegation. Data conversion specialists focus on this one task, dedicating their entire business to it. So you can expect them to have the resources to handle large volumes of data. You Need to Improve Cost Efficiency Cost efficiency is the number one reason businesses outsource their data conversion tasks. This is also the reason why India is the most popular market – their prices are usually quite low compared to other providers. However, cost should not be your primary concern (we will discuss this below). With that said, it’s still going to be more cost-efficient to outsource because it frees up valuable resources within your business to perform more critical tasks. Where Should You Outsource Data Conversion Services? There are a lot of organizations out there that specialize in data conversion, making it a difficult task to choose the perfect fit. So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of selecting lower-cost above all else. While cost is indeed substantial, it should not be the ultimate deciding factor in choosing an outsourcing firm. Here are some other relevant variables you should consider when selecting where to outsource data conversion services. Experience If data conversion were not a significant task, then there would be no need to worry about it. The truth is that, so many people underestimate the value of data so much that they choose the cheapest option, often ending up with poor quality conversions. Choose a firm that has proven experience. Technology Efficient data conversion requires concrete tools – tools that might be unique to the type of formats your business needs. You should always inquire...

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