Outsourcing Vs. Freelancing | Differences & Misconceptions

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Outsourcing and Freelancing are typically related closely to each other, and this is why a misconception has been created amongst the newbie freelancers and outsourcing business holders from all over the world. Most of these people cannot separate the meaning of what is outsourcing and what is the freelancing exactly. Someone thinks she/he is doing outsourcing still when s/he is doing the freelancing stuff generally and vice versa.

So, What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is everything about getting your tasks done by someone who is willing to do it according to your given requirements by having a payout from you. Outsourcing or Offshore Business idea was generated longs days ago when the business personnel found their Work List is too much huge to control. They planned to distribute their tasks to the skilled peoples out there who were willing to accomplish these tasks and wanted to get paid for it.


As the unemployment problems were increasing and the permanent jobs in local government establishment centers were very much few; people were being more interested to find such type of freelancing tasks (outsourced by the business owner) to live their life. This is how “Outsourcing” became a trend in the virtual jobs hunting space, and lots of outsourcing jobs providing site have also been launched like Freelancer.Com. So, naturally saying: Outsourcing is a process to build your business using freelancers and get anything you want to do according to the requirements and specifications through a deal of fixed payout. The performance of an outsourcing campaign is thoroughly dependent upon what the surefire method you know about how to outsource effectively. People who want to get into these outsourcing marketplaces; they should check out any Outsourcing Case Study to have necessary start-up knowledge on it.

What is Freelancing?

FreelancingFreelancing is all about getting paid by doing the stuff that has been outsourced to a business owner. Freelancing is a skill selling the game, and guys like you can bid any of the projects posted on the Freelance Job Boards according to your abilities. In the freelance job sites like Freelancer.Com, you have to create an account first. Then add some skills to your profile and give your profile a title by exposing the skills you have and let the buyers know about what type of jobs you want to do correctly. There are no limitations of making money as a freelancer. The business owner often reaches to this kind of freelancing sites to efficiently hire those freelancers so that their business runs as smoothly as it should be. Freelancers take part in bidding according to their skills and by the time going they become recognized as experts in their private sector.

Hope you guys have understood the difference between Outsourcing and Freelancing and the misconception between these has been gone away. Best luck.