Business Opportunity in Jacksonville

June 6th, 2017 at 01:00 am

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Business Opportunity in Jacksonville –A Leading Transport, Distribution, and Business Center in Florida, USA


Business Opportunity in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the largest city of Florida in the United States, located in Duval County on the banks of the St. Johns River. It is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the most populous city of Florida. It is the twelfth most populous city in the United States. It is one of the most important Southern centers of finance, commerce, and insurance on the Atlantic coast.

Why is Jacksonville considered as a great place for starting and expanding businesses?

  • A Leading Center for Transport and Distribution

Jacksonville is the leading logistics and distribution center in the state. Jacksonville has the largest deep-water port in the South Atlantic and is a leading port for automobile imports in the U.S. Due to the harbor improvements since the late 19th century, Jacksonville has become a major military and civilian deep-water port. The port of Jacksonville is the third largest seaport of Florida. The city has four airports, three seaports, a highway system that interlinks three major interstates and a railway system with three railroads.

  • Low cost

Jacksonville is an affordable city for conducting businesses. Among the five major metropolitan areas in Florida, Jacksonville ranks the lowest and lower than many comparable cities nationwide in terms of cost of living.

  • Local Program for Enhancing Business

The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce takes the local economic improvement initiatives. It is directed by individuals and a group of companies who provide the leadership and resources to forward business expansion and reposition in Jacksonville. Investment is done for the purpose of business recruitment, strengthen existing business services, and special economic initiatives.

  • State Program to Create Globally Competitive Business Environment

Enterprise Florida is a partnership between Florida’s government and business leaders. It helps to increase new economic prospects for all Floridians by supporting the creation of a well-trained workforce, quality jobs, and globally competitive businesses.

  • Available Labor Force

Jacksonville is a suitable and attractive site for expanding companies, because of its abundance of workers due to the area’s educational institutions, a strong military presence, in-migration and natural growth. Compared to all major Florida cities, the population of Jacksonville is significantly younger.

Economy and Major Industries in Jacksonville

As Jacksonville is located on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, the location helped to increase the growth of the city and its industry. The city’s economy is diverse. The area’s economy includes distribution, consumer goods, financial services, information services, manufacturing, biomedical technology, and other industries. Services such as logistics, insurance, banking, and healthcare play a significant role in the economy. Like Florida, tourism is also important to Jacksonville, especially tourism related to golf.

Items and goods produced in Jacksonville are types of machinery, aircraft, paper and paper products, building products, tobacco, soft drinks, beer, and optical and surgical products. Jacksonville is a major place for import-export operations. The principal exports are transportation and construction equipment, generators, chemicals, paper, health and beauty products cigars and wood pulp. Important imported goods are automobiles and coffee.

Recently, two new subsea cables, coming from the North and South America, are landing in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is soon becoming a vital interconnection point by connecting Internet traffic between North and South America. For its business-friendly environment, lower business operating cost and robust Internet infrastructure, Jacksonville is going to be a lucrative place for IT and Online Businesses as well. For more information about the business opportunity in Jacksonville, FL and how to start your own online business see The Business Success Blueprint.

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 Content Credit: Khurshid Sharmin

Writer at Advance IT Institute