Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka

March 9th, 2016 at 01:33 am

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Outsourcing is a very popular topic in Bangladesh specially in Dhaka. In just a few years outsourcing has made a lot of progress. Now more and more people in Dhaka are getting interested in outsourcing and freelancing. For these people, now there are many outsourcing training centers in Dhaka. They are providing from basic computer training to advance IT training. Our city is filled with unemployed people. Among them many are well educated. Now many of these people are taking freelancing as their profession. And they are not only working but also teaching others and taking courses on freelancing. Not too long ago there wasn’t even a single outsourcing training center in Dhaka. Now many people are coming forward and opening institutes and training centers to guide people who are interested in outsourcing. These institutes are continuously striving to ensure the top quality. They help every student achieve their goal and continue to provide support even after the completion of the course. Thanks to that many people are being self-employed. Many institutes have even received awards for their outstanding contribution. The government is encouraging people to take the freelancing as a career. Including Advance it Institute there are a few of the popular names in the best outsourcing training center in Dhaka.

Outsourcing training courses

Currently freelancing institutes are giving training on many outsourcing training courses.

1. Basic computer –Introduction to computers and basic use of the computer like how to operate, Use internet, softwares.

2. Beginners freelancing-Introduction to freelance, practical works in virtual markets and use of various essential freelancing tools and software’s.

3. MS office-Use of MS word, access, power point, excel, outlook.

4. SEO– Detailed course and training on Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, article writing and professional freelancing. Advance IT Institute is one of the best SEO training center in Bangladesh.

5. Basic web design-Introduction to basic web design, HTML, PHP, JAVA etc.

6. Basic Graphic design– Introduction to graphic design and how and where it is used.

7. Advance web design-For detailed training on how to design a webpage using HTML, CSS, PHP, etc and practices on web design in virtual markets.

8. Advance graphic design –This course contains detailed and practical training in graphic design in virtual markets. The Advance IT Institute provides Best Graphic design Training in Bangladesh. They train from the very basic level to advance so that even a beginner can cope up easily.

9. Software development –Courses on programming, Basics on software’s structure, developing software’s using programming languages like Basic, C+, Java etc.

These are a few of the popular courses in Outsourcing training courses in outsourcing training centers in Dhaka.

Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka

best outsourcing freelancing training center Bangladesh

Outsourcing and freelancing is a very common term in the business world. In 21st century  Advance IT Institute has taken the Bangladesh into a new height. Training centers in Dhaka have proven to be on a different level than others in this. Advance sectors are divided into different parts and students who have no idea are guided accordingly through the courses. Most students take advanced it lightly. People who are interested in digital outsourcing usually think this is a very easy and light side where everything is very easy. Most of them think they will be able to get jobs as soon as they learn what to do. So many of them give up early when they face a wall or course gets too tough. It is a sector that requires time, patience, energy and the will to never give up. It’s not called advance it training for nothing. Now a day most of the training centers are encouraging students to continue and take everything at their own pace. This training center, giving extra care to its female students as they have a tendency to give up quickly. Women development and making them self-employed and in any sector, even better than man has helped a lot in our progress. For example, female students showed exceptional progress in creative writing, Article writing and also in SEO articles. Currently, many understudy pupils are taking freelancing training as they understand the importance of this rising foreign and inside job market. After all, there is a difference in being self-employed and regularly employed.

Best Outsourcing Institutes in Dhaka

Best Outsourcing Training Center in DhakaThere is a lot of institute that takes outsourcing training courses in Dhaka. From those, only a few have proven themselves one of the best. Advance it Institute – One of the few best outsourcing institutes in Dhaka. It sets batches best suited for the students. Training here is done in step by step so that students don’t have any problem. Here a student gets a lot of chances to practice before he steps into the virtual marketplace. Everything is broken down into small pieces for the students. These are only a few of the names from thousand of the best outsourcing training institutes in Dhaka.

Online outsourcing and IT

Most people in Dhaka think that Online outsourcing and IT is same but in reality it’s more different than they know. Because of this misunderstanding many are misguided, easily by many opportunists. This is a hindrance for this rising foreign remittance sector.

  • Outsourcing as become one of the common terms of the current world. As many organizations are forced outsource for cheap labor, time saving, expertise etc.
  • Outsourcing can be of any type and form. One of those is online outsourcing or commonly known as digital outsourcing. This has taken the world to a new height.
  • IT or information and technology is the mother of everything that’s related to technology and online outsourcing is one of its children. Outsourcing is a way to be self employed.

Freelancing and outsourcing in Bangladesh

Freelancing and outsourcing a very popular term in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Freelancing by word we can understand is a person’s freedom to choose, expert enough to work freely. Freelancing and outsourcing is just two sides of a same coin. Now many people in Dhaka understand what it means to be a freelancer. Just a few days ago Bangladesh was chosen as the 26th best destination for worldwide outsourcing. We have also ranked higher in digital worldwide outsourcing. Still, many people are unaware of this rising prospect. Our government is stepping up that’s a great news for freelancers. In Dhaka many are coming forward to learn about this sector. Among these people are students, housewives, employed and unemployed.

Some of these people dedicate their whole career in freelancing and outsourcing. Quite a few of the best outsourcing training center in Dhaka are the brainchild of these people. They are not only self employing themselves, but also they are helping others to get employment and be self employed through training. Career in freelancing is tough and depended on the dedication and hard work. But it is a sector of opportunity.

Freelancing Training in Dhaka

Currently there are more outsourcing training center in Dhaka than there were a couple years back. This is a very important fact for us. Most of the people come to Dhaka from the villages in search of work. So if they can take proper training they cannot only self employ themselves from anywhere they are want live or currently lives. They can also spread their knowledge and spread outsourcing by opening outsourcing training center in their hometown. Make other people know about outsourcing.

Statistics show about 5% people are interested in freelancing in Dhaka without even knowing about it. Our young generation in Dhaka is very familiar with laptop, tablet, Smartphone, netbook, desktop. They can operate and control these devices without any trouble. Most of these interested people are these young generations. As they are already interested, they can easily be trained in online outsourcing. Our government is currently running campaigns in rural about freelancing and it when there’s a large person in the capital who are still unaware of it. Many corrupted people are trying to take advantage of this lack of knowledge in freelancing in Dhaka and providing false information. They are opening fake online outsourcing training center in Dhaka and cheating people without providing correct training. Freelancing is a very delicate sector if not handled with care it can break down like a house of card.

At this instant we don’t require just an outsourcing training center apparently it should be best outsourcing training center in Dhaka and all over the Bangladesh. Online outsourcing and freelancing is a prospering new job market and foreign remittance sector. Our main foreign remittance sector (garments) is facing a downside for various reasons. So sight has been set of these as a rising alternative. But after being born a baby shouldn’t run, He/She should learn to walk first. So we all should help freelancing and outsourcing to walk first not run.


James Shanon Sarker

Freelancer at oDesk