Women Freelancing in Bangladesh

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Women freelancing in Bangladesh

Now a day’s freelancing is becoming more and more popular day by day in Bangladesh and all over the world. Women freelancing in Bangladesh is now talked of the town in Bangladesh. Especially women’s are involving in this profession rapidly. Women’s freelancing is now a great opportunity for young women’s to choose it as their profession.  Working on a contract basis for many companies as ignored to working as an employer for a particular company. Freelancers are supposed to be self-employed, and have the right to select their jobs and companies they would like to be involved with. That’s why women’s are more interested in this sector.

Women Freelancing in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh there is a common problem for female employment. Because many  types of social issues, including road safety-man large number of family who don’t support woman to work outside and unfriendly  working environment is one of the big reason. For those reason maximum women are unemployment and their family member don’t encourage for job, they encourage women to stay in home. A large number of women dreamed about employment. They wish if they were earning money from safe way and stay in home. Now a day’s their dreams come true. Now they can earn money from Online Market place. Now freelancing is a buzz word in our country. Not only women but also man wants to be a Freelancer. It is very encouraging that everyone wants to be a Freelancer. However the number of women involved in this sector is limited. In our country, gender discrimination may be a burning problems, woman’s typically gets less cash for a similar quantity of labor than their male counterpart. Freelancing career will solve this obstacle.

Women outsourcing work  in Bangladesh

I will now describe how to start freelancing: freelancing is a great path to earn & gather knowledge from many kinds of practical projects. As freelancing is a fully self-dependent profession for them who want to work with more flexibility. Freelancing profession helps women’s in various ways such as-

 * Adjustable

*  Practice of Global Professionalism

*  Worldwide network

*  Paying system is easy

*  No such Investment

*  Your own home is your Office

*  Personal time scheduling

*  Anytime and anywhere you can do work and get paid

*  No work pressure and no boss

*  Various tasks done pleasantly

*  Can build a strong professional community

*  Gather knowledge and experience from various kinds of work and projects

*  Be recognized as a self-dependent

Doing multiple jobs in marketplace from your home give you a lot of chance Freelancing could be a sensible job or sensible profession for several feminine. There are several market places to begin freelancing like Shelancers.com, Odesk, Elance, freelancer.com, evanto, graphicsriver, 99styles and plenty of a lot of could also be an online market place for feminine.

However Social issues and harassment is a main obstacle for women freelancers in Bangladesh, women’s are involving freelancing sector increasingly. Everyone should encourage women to involve in outsourcing career. Presently Bangladesh govt. and many NGO’s trying to inspire women’s to freelancing. Famous marketplaces also spreading outsourcing campaign for women’s.

Written By:

Rezwana Shaki, Freelancer at Odesk