Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career

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So, you want to be a freelancer? You want to start your own online business, where you will be your own boss. Sounds awesome right? But being a successful freelancer requires planning and you have to be disciplined in life. Although these Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career seem pretty common, if you actually follow these rules by your heart, then you will be at the pinnacle of your career in no time.

Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career

1. Keep a regular daily schedule and plan your days ahead

Freelancing is not like other 9 to 5 job. Most of the time a freelancer takes multiple of projects at the same time. As a result, they feel like they don’t have a life. That is why it is you must make a daily schedule for your work time so that you have leisure time, where you can enjoy your social life.

You should also make a habit to plan your weekly schedule. At the beginning of the week, write the coming deadline, how much you should spend on each project each day, or the schedule of meeting with your clients. This habit will make you more organized and increase your work efficiency.

2. Use free software whenever it’s possible, but buy the premium tools that will make your work more productive

You shouldn’t have the wrong idea as most people do that free software isn’t good. When you are at the beginning of your freelancing career it is better to use free software. Some free software is as good as the premium software.

When you are starting to get few clients, then you should think about getting premium software. You should not pay for the software that you will be used rarely. Pay those ones that you are going to use regularly. You will be amazed to see your progress increase dramatically when you will use the proper free and premium software.

3. Make a blog/website

You should build a blog/website. As a freelancer, your portfolio should be in your own blog/website, which will represent you more professional to your clients. Also, you will have an identity, where your clients can find you.

4. Make a logo

To be professional, you have to act like one. If you want to increase the number of your client’s in a tight market, create an exquisite logo. If you don’t know how to create an eye-catching logo, then take professional help. A beautiful logo on your business card or website will make you look like a professional and it will help to get some extra clients.

5. Update your website/blog regularly

After opening a blog/website, update is regularly. If you don’t, then a new client will visit your website/blog and see that you haven’t posted for a very long time. They might choose someone else because they need an active freelancer.

6. Lear when to say ‘No’

When you don’t have time to take any more projects, politely say No to your other new client’s. You will be in the worst place if you take everyone’s project. Your work quality will be poor, you may even lose clients. This will not be the ideal situation for you.

7. Give your online visitors something free

People love to use free service. If you want more visitors in your websites, you can provide some free options to your client’s.
Suppose you are a web designer, you can create some free texture for your clients. These processes will stand out you from your fellow competitors.

8. Use social media

social media

Everybody use social media these days. As a freelancer using social media is mandatory for you. It doesn’t matter where you live you can stay connected with your client’s all the time through the social media.

9. Get allies

In the freelancing world having allies is very important. You can’t be good at everything so when a client’s specific type of project is not your strongest point. You can refer the client to your allies. Next day, your allies will do the same.

10. Try to save

Even though you are doing great, things can and it will go wrong sometimes. If you have the habits to save a small portion of your income every month in your savings account, then you won’t have the problem to pay your bills when things are not going smoothly.

11. Be creative

Outsourcing is one of those professions, where you can demonstrate your creativity. Always try to think outside of the box for every project. This will make you, unique to your clients.

12. Reward your loyal clients

When the business is tight, you have lots of competitors in the market. What should you do in order to return your client’s for the second or third time?

You can give them a discount when they return for the second time and you can keep this trend. This will be the best possible chance for you to survive in this market.

13. Treat every client as if he is the only one

Treat you’re every customer in such a way that they feel they are important to you. Always make sure they are completely satisfied with your service.

14. Work when you are at work

Suppose you have decided that you will work from 9 am to 5 pm everyday then do so. Do not make an excuse to break this time schedule. If you have some personal errands to run, or someplace to call then do these in your lunch break. You should learn to manage your time properly.

15. Know when to start and stop

If you always work then you will easily get burned off, your productivity of work will decrease. It is very important to have some free time too. In this free time of yours, you will recover and enjoy life.

16. Remember to breath

Don’t just work like robots, BREATH takes a break, don’t give up your hobby and spend sometimes with your family and friends.

17. If you work at home then sometimes get out of your house

If you always work at home then it’s very important to get some fresh air. Schedule your meeting somewhere else. Work couple of hour from a library or coffee shop. The change is scenario will uplift your energy level and increase your efficiency.

18. Make an inspirational string

Not every day is going to be a walk in the park. There will be some rough day when you feel that you don’t have any energy left to work.
Keep something with you that will inspire you and make you feel that all this hard work worth for. You can keep a picture of your wife or kids. Take a look at the picture when you are close to giving up. You will see that this will work like a wonder.

19. Be humble

When you are at the top of your game, it is easy to become overconfident, which will be bad for your reputation and affect your work quality, that is why never become overconfident and always be humble. Listen to your clients. Try to understand what they are asking from you. Give your professional opinion when needed, but never force your clients to accept it. Remember at the end of the day your clients are paying you.

20. Look professional in every possible way

Your logo, website, portfolio, everything looks pretty good. Be sure when your client taking your interview dress sharply and look professional.

21. Ask for feedback

Ask completing every project ask feedback from your client. This will make your client feel that he is important to you. Their feedback will also help you to improve more.

22. Always carry a notebook with you

When you are outside you can meet with one of your previous client’s or you can come with an important idea about your project when you are in a bus or plane. That is why it is best to carry a notepad or iPad when you are outside.

23. Take the time you need

When you take a project make sure you have the adequate time to complete it. You should not at any cost hand over half-done project to your client. It will not bring anything except bad reputation.

24. Start freelancing without quitting your day job

You should not quit your day job when you are just starting your freelance career. Your stable job is a stable source of income. As I have mentioned before that there will some months when you will find it difficult to pay your bills. Your day, jobs provided excellent support at that time. Also, initially you can meet with new clients from your day jobs.

25. Determine your hourly rate

You should determine your hourly rate. Aim for is slightly higher price than you will usually work for. Your client’s will always aim for a low rate. After compromising, you will still be a win-win position.

26. Mindset

You will feel bored after some of the projects. You may even start to think that this job is not for you. That is why it is very important to set your mind first.

27. Be specialized

You can take a course of SEO (Search engine optimization), or go to your local college takes a brief course about article writing. Being specialized in a particular field will help you a lot. The quality of your work will increase dramatically and you will get more clients.

28. Reply to important emails immediately

When your clients send you emails they expect to be replied within a short period of time. If you take a long time to reply, then your client thinks that you may not have the interest about the project. They may go to another freelancer.

29. Read new source

As a freelancer, you always should be up-to-date. Read a blog, newspaper or books. Learn how to deal with your clients more efficient ways. Improve your work skill by reading more and more blog or newspaper.

30. Love your job and be passionate

Be passionate about your profession. Last but not least be happy. Enjoy it. This job can be one of the best jobs in the whole world.

You are about to enter into an amazing journey of freelancing. Yes, sometimes the path will be rough, where you might stumble. You should get up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and continue your journey. Hang in there; try to remember these Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career and you will see at the end of the road the reward will be so enormous that you will forget all the trouble.


Adityo Hassan

Freelance Article Writer