Business Opportunity in Jacksonville

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Business Opportunity in Jacksonville –A Leading Transport, Distribution, and Business Center in Florida, USA   Jacksonville is the largest city of Florida in the United States, located in Duval County on the banks of the St. Johns River. It is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the most populous city of Florida. It is the twelfth most populous city in the United States. It is one of the most important Southern centers of finance, commerce, and insurance on the Atlantic coast. Why is Jacksonville considered as a great place for starting and expanding businesses? A Leading Center for Transport and Distribution Jacksonville is the leading logistics and distribution center in the state. Jacksonville has the largest deep-water port in the South Atlantic and is a leading port for automobile imports in the U.S. Due to the harbor improvements since the late 19th century, Jacksonville has become a major military and civilian deep-water port. The port of Jacksonville is the third largest seaport of Florida. The city has four airports, three seaports, a highway system that interlinks three major interstates and a railway system with three railroads. Low cost Jacksonville is an affordable city for conducting businesses. Among the five major metropolitan areas in Florida, Jacksonville ranks the lowest and lower than many comparable cities nationwide in terms of cost of living. Local Program for Enhancing Business The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce takes the local economic improvement initiatives. It is directed by individuals and a group of companies who provide the leadership and resources to forward business expansion and reposition in Jacksonville. Investment is done for the purpose of business recruitment, strengthen existing business services, and special economic initiatives. State Program to Create Globally Competitive Business Environment Enterprise Florida is a partnership between Florida’s government and business leaders. It helps to increase new economic prospects for all Floridians by supporting the creation of a well-trained workforce, quality jobs, and globally competitive businesses. Available Labor Force Jacksonville is a suitable and attractive site for expanding companies, because of its abundance of workers due to the area’s educational institutions, a strong military presence, in-migration and natural growth. Compared to all major Florida cities, the population of Jacksonville is significantly younger. Economy and Major Industries in Jacksonville As Jacksonville is located on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, the location helped to increase the growth of the city and its industry. The city’s economy is diverse. The area’s economy includes distribution, consumer goods, financial services, information services, manufacturing, biomedical technology, and other industries. Services such as logistics, insurance, banking, and healthcare play a significant role in the economy. Like Florida, tourism is also important to Jacksonville, especially tourism related to golf. Items and goods produced in Jacksonville are types of machinery, aircraft, paper and paper products, building products, tobacco, soft drinks, beer, and optical and surgical products. Jacksonville is a major place for import-export operations. The principal exports are transportation and construction equipment, generators, chemicals, paper, health and beauty products cigars and wood pulp. Important imported goods are automobiles and coffee. Recently, two new subsea cables, coming from the North and South America, are landing in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is soon becoming a vital interconnection point by connecting Internet traffic between North and South America. For its business-friendly environment, lower business...

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Business Opportunity in Kelowna

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Business Opportunity in Kelowna- An Attractive Business Location in British Columbia, Canada.   Kelowna is the largest city in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It is the 22nd largest city in Canada. Situated on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is one of the most liveable cities in Canada. It has become an attractive city for working and doing business as well. Why is Kelowna an Attractive Location for Business? Kelowna has become a prime business location for its mild climate, good transportation system, diverse economy, trained labor force, stable and a high level telecommunication system, and the availability of various recreational opportunities. Kelowna is an ideal city for business startups, expansion and relocation. Economy and Key Business Sectors of Kelowna Kelowna is the main marketing and distribution center of the Okanagan Valley. It has a diverse economy with major industries including agriculture, tourism, forestry, light industrial, manufacturing and construction. Kelowna’s growing tree fruit industry and booming light industrial sector compete on a world scale. Kelowna is known for the manufacture of boats, body armor, plastics, fiberglass and oil field equipment. Kelowna’s key growth industry includes wine production, health care, high tech sector such as aerospace development, information technology and video game development. Kelowna produces wines that have received international recognition. Tourism is one of the major drivers of Kelowna’s economy. This industry plays an important role in creating a diversity of jobs and a private sector for business investment. Kelowna is a tourism destination which offers exceptional experiences in all seasons for its moderate climate, outstanding beaches and ski resorts. Kelowna is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Canada. Both golf and wine have become significant drivers of overnight visitation in the Kelowna area. Conventions, festivals, meetings, sporting events and agri-tourism play a vital role in tourism. The tourism business is expected to grow more with ongoing improvements to Kelowna’s air access and infrastructure. Kelowna International Airport is one of the top ten airports in Canada. It is situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley and plays an important role in the prosperity and economic development. It serves 1.4 million passengers annually. Information Technology is one of the most rapidly emerging economic sectors in the Kelwona city. The ongoing development of this sector continues to make the region as a technology incubator. Kelowna is well connected to the rest of the world. Telecommunications infrastructure is first rate, offering reliable, high speed online connectivity. Several local government organizations and the private sector, are actively involved in the promotion of Kelowna as a hub for technology innovation. As ICT infrastructure is stable and strong in Kelowna, Online Business opportunity is abound here. Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley is an appealing and moderately affordable city to live in. An enviable climate, surrounded by mountains and lakes, and easy access to leisure and recreational centers, it attracts the location-independent businesses and entrepreneurs. For more information about the business opportunity in Kelowna and how to start your own successful Online Business see, The Business Success Blueprint. Writer: Khurshid Sharmin Advance IT...

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Business Opportunity in Kolkata

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Business Opportunity in Kolkata – A City with Huge Business Prospects in West Bengal, India   Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the capital of West Bengal state, India. It is the principal commercial, financial, cultural, and educational center of East India and located on the Hooghly river. It is India’s 3rd largest metropolitan city with a population of 14 million. Kolkata City is known as the economic hub of eastern India. The city is combining traditional occupations with modern industries and offering new business and investment opportunities. Economy Kolkata City has a large semi-skilled and un-skilled labor population along with knowledgeable workers. About two-fifths of the workers are employed in trade and commerce. It reflects the fact that the city’s economy is mercantile in nature. Other important occupations include public-sector service in government departments, and medical, educational and financial institutions. The private-sector services cover accountancy and credit firms, the stock exchange, legal services, educational services, medical services and different utility services. Major Business Sectors Kolkata is home to many industrial sectors. These sectors are operated by large public and private corporations. Major industrial and business sectors consist of agriculture, mining, steel, heavy engineering, electronics, electrical equipments, cable, leather, cement, pharmaceuticals, food processing, textiles and jute. Kolkata is also a major military port and the only city in eastern India to have an international airport. Different industrial units, operated by some huge Indian corporations such as Birla Corporation, ITC and Allahabad Bank, are located in Kolkata. In recent years, real estate is a booming and flourishing business in Kolkata. Renowned multinational organizations like DLF and MGF have shown interest in Kolkata which has accelerated and increased the value of the real estate business of the city. Currently, there have been huge investments in the housing infrastructure sector and several new projects are coming up in the city. In Kolkata, sectors such as oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and food processing have attracted substantial investments. For creating new business opportunities and developing foreign investment area in Kolkata, the government has taken various programs and policies. The government offers a variety of loans and financial support for doing business. The adoption of the ‘Look East’ policy by the government of India and the opening of Sikkim’s ‘Nathu La’ mountain pass located between India and China, has encouraged the South-East Asian countries to invest in Indian markets and has put Kolkata in an advantageous position. IT and Online Business Sector Kolkata is becoming a major center for IT (Information Technology) industry as IT sector is growing at 70% yearly, which is twice the national average. It has largely led the economic revival of Kolkata. Kolkata possesses a strong IT infrastructure and huge potential for IT companies. In 2014, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has conducted a survey where Kolkata ranked third in terms of number of internet users (6.27 million). Mumbai ranked first with 16.4 million internet users and Delhi got second position with 12.15 million internet users. For the availability of a strong IT infrastructure, Online Business is also flourishing in Kolkata. The possibilities are huge for doing different types of Internet Marketing and Online businesses here. Kolkata provides a variety of opportunities for businesses. The city also offers a greater scope of huge returns on investments. For more...

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Business Opportunity in Jaipur

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Business Opportunity in Jaipur – A City with Culture and Heritage in Rajasthan, India Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan state in India. It is the 11th largest city in India. As in Jaipur, all the buildings have a pinkish tint, it is known as the ‘Pink City’. The city has a population of 3.0 million. At present, Jaipur is the major business center for local and foreign investors with all requisites of a metropolitan city. Economy: Jaipur has rich culture and heritage. It has royal palaces and also forts which are popular and world-renowned tourist places. The city is very close to the capital city of India, Delhi. Jaipur has an international airport. The city has a well built and good transport system. It is anticipated as one of the ten mega cities of India in the future. In 2015, among the 100 Emerging Global Outsourcing cities, Jaipur ranked 37th.The corporate and institutional focus is the actual indicator of the city’s future growth. Why is Jaipur an ideal business location? Low startup and establishment cost A friendly business environment Center of local and foreign tourists The city’s educational infrastructure is well-developed Presence of international airport The city has a growing IT industry Major Industries Tourism Every year, both local and foreign tourists come to visit Jaipur. About 80 percent tourists who come from foreign countries to India, visit Rajasthan through Jaipur. Gems and Jewelry Jaipur is renowned for the sourcing of fine-cut precious and semi-precious gems. The city has dominated the gems and jewelry industry in the country for decades. The government has invested heavily in technology to provide some of the finest pieces of art in this sector. Jaipur is popular for its exclusive designs of gold, silver and even platinum jewelry which are exported to foreign countries. The Rajasthan State Industrial and Investment Corporation (RIICO) has set up an Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) in the Sitapur district of Jaipur. The gems and jewelry industry offers a great scope for investment. Real Estate It is being anticipated that Jaipur is going to be one of the ten mega cities of India. As most of the giant multinational companies are seriously focusing on Jaipur, it is expected that the real estate business in Jaipur is going to flourish in the near future. Renowned Indian and international MNCs are setting up their businesses in the city. IT (Information Technology) In the recent years, in the major business centers in Jaipur, a good number of IT and BPO companies have set up their businesses. A number of large IT companies like Genpact, IBM, Cisco, Infosys, HCL, Wipro, etc. are looking for business opportunities in Jaipur and some of them have already arrived in the city. The largest integrated IT SEZ ‘Mahindra World City of India’ is located in Jaipur. Cost-effectiveness and the improving infrastructure are pivotal in making Jaipur a preferred destination for IT industries. As Jaipur city is a rising IT center and it possesses an excellent business environment, chances for Online Businesses are also great here. For more information about the business opportunity in Jaipur and how to start your own successful Online Business see, The Business Success Blueprint. Article Credit: Khurshid Sharmin Writer at Advance IT...

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Business Opportunity in Kerala

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Business Opportunity in Kerala – Why Kerala is a Suitable Destination for Starting an Online Business   Kerala is a state in the southeast region of India on the Malabar coast. The state is blessed with natural beauty and abundant natural resources. Kerala leads the other states of India in industrial development. The state provides a favorable environment and immense opportunities for business. Online Business An online business can be any type of business activity such as buying and selling products or services through internet. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in businesses that start up exclusively online. As consumer habits have changed dramatically, it can be predicted that by the year 2020, 90% of transactions will take place online. Starting an Online Business Online businesses can be a great option for those who want to start their own businesses. Like any other traditional business, an online business requires a product or service and an excellent marketing plan. The following 3 steps are essential for starting an online business: Selecting a product or service For setting up the business, the first thing one has to consider is the selection of the product or service for the online business. Creating own website for business A website serves as an online store. It is the platform for communicating with the customers online. The website for an online business should be attractive, engaging and easy to use for the customers. Selling the product or service For selling the product or service online, a great marketing plan is needed. The marketing can be done by writing a catchy content about the product or service to attract the customers and using different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Economy and Major Business Sectors in Kerala The economic growth in Kerala is prevalent through three sectors. The primary sector includes mining, agriculture and fishing. Kerala leads in the production of rubber, spices, cocoa, coffee, and tea. The secondary sector consists of the construction and manufacturing industry. The third sector comprises transportation and hotels. Special concentration has been given to the Information Technology (IT) sector. Many major IT companies like Infosys and TCS have set up their operations in Kerala. IT parks have already been opened up in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. The IT field offers great potential as Kerala has an excellent telecommunications network. So, why is Kerala a suitable destination for starting an online business? Government’s scheme for Building up the Information Infrastructure of Kerala Government’s major e-governance initiative, Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN) is being set up as a backbone of the State Information Infrastructure (SII) and extending to 14 districts of Kerala. This initiative will obviously develop the communication system of the districts of Kerala which is a positive side for doing any type of business as well as Online Business. High Literacy rate The literacy rate in Kerala stood at almost 94%, with female literacy at 92% and male literacy at 96%. High literacy and increasing e-literacy in the state is likely to promote inclusive growth in the knowledge-based business sectors like Online Business. A Strong Emphasis on IT Sector In Kerala, the use of IT is increasingly being considered as the critical factor in generating and accessing wealth, power and knowledge. The Government has...

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Importance of Learning SEO in Bangladesh

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SEO in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is one of the most progressive countries where online business is increasing rapidly comparing with the neighbor countries in Asia. With the technological development worldwide, search engine is already become prior tool for any business. Users worldwide are depending on search engine for any business. So billions of business houses worldwide are putting their highest effort to expose their business website within the highest reach to the consumers or users and “SEO” Search engine optimization is playing the most vital role to fulfill the objective of business houses. Importance of SEO in Business: Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN are the most popular search engine throughout the world & Google is holding the highest share of total online business & user of the search engine. As per a recent study, 60.5% of users are searching business through organic web post and 39.5% business users are searching business through paid Ads. So from the billions of business web page holder, huge competitions are continuing to keep their site address in the first page of the search engine. SEO becomes very important now a day for all the business site holders bring up their site within the opening page of the search engine. A recent data show 90% of searchers are clicking only from the first page of their search results. Relevance of SEO in Bangladesh: As there are huge multiple growing needs of SEO worldwide to bring the business pages to be in the highest page rank in all the search engines, SEO is being important to do the job perfectly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is helping to motivate business to optimize their presence. SEO also keep the top ranked websites to improve and quality of their sites and also improve their current site ranking as a whole. As Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the quality of the site in context of visibility and presence of the search engine, it requires continuous effort through SEO with a successful SEO campaign. For doing SEO, the web site owner requires educated and trained people what is now at highest scarcity worldwide at the increasing rate of SEO job and increasing rate trained people are not matching. Huge SEO trained manpower is required now to fulfill the job. Bangladesh is being the most prospective country where a big chunk of young people are being trained in SEO. After learning SEO from different training institute, the SEO trained peoples are being engaged their selves as freelancers. SEO Training Center in Bangladesh For taking proper knowledge of SEO it is necessary to take training on Advance SEO from a professional. There are a lot steps to learn properly in SEO. You also need a proper guideline for being a successful SEO Optimizer. Advance IT institute provides one of the Best trainings on SEO in Bangladesh. SEO Importance in Bangladesh: To improve socioeconomic conditions in Bangladesh, outsourcing SEO jobs is playing a vital role. It helps the young SEO learning people to start a job as soon as they trained SEO as freelancers. Huge employment is being created through SEO outsourcing jobs. Government of the country is also earning good amount of foreign currency. Because of cheap labor and huge manpower support, Bangladesh is one of the most popular marketplace...

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Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka

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Outsourcing is a very popular topic in Bangladesh specially in Dhaka. In just a few years outsourcing has made a lot of progress. Now more and more people in Dhaka are getting interested in outsourcing and freelancing. For these people, now there are many outsourcing training centers in Dhaka. They are providing from basic computer training to advance IT training. Our city is filled with unemployed people. Among them many are well educated. Now many of these people are taking freelancing as their profession. And they are not only working but also teaching others and taking courses on freelancing. Not too long ago there wasn’t even a single outsourcing training center in Dhaka. Now many people are coming forward and opening institutes and training centers to guide people who are interested in outsourcing. These institutes are continuously striving to ensure the top quality. They help every student achieve their goal and continue to provide support even after the completion of the course. Thanks to that many people are being self-employed. Many institutes have even received awards for their outstanding contribution. The government is encouraging people to take the freelancing as a career. Including Advance it Institute there are a few of the popular names in the best outsourcing training center in Dhaka. Outsourcing training courses Currently freelancing institutes are giving training on many outsourcing training courses. 1. Basic computer –Introduction to computers and basic use of the computer like how to operate, Use internet, softwares. 2. Beginners freelancing-Introduction to freelance, practical works in virtual markets and use of various essential freelancing tools and software’s. 3. MS office-Use of MS word, access, power point, excel, outlook. 4. SEO– Detailed course and training on Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, article writing and professional freelancing. Advance IT Institute is one of the best SEO training center in Bangladesh. 5. Basic web design-Introduction to basic web design, HTML, PHP, JAVA etc. 6. Basic Graphic design– Introduction to graphic design and how and where it is used. 7. Advance web design-For detailed training on how to design a webpage using HTML, CSS, PHP, etc and practices on web design in virtual markets. 8. Advance graphic design –This course contains detailed and practical training in graphic design in virtual markets. The Advance IT Institute provides Best Graphic design Training in Bangladesh. They train from the very basic level to advance so that even a beginner can cope up easily. 9. Software development –Courses on programming, Basics on software’s structure, developing software’s using programming languages like Basic, C+, Java etc. These are a few of the popular courses in Outsourcing training courses in outsourcing training centers in Dhaka. Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka Outsourcing and freelancing is a very common term in the business world. In 21st century  Advance IT Institute has taken the Bangladesh into a new height. Training centers in Dhaka have proven to be on a different level than others in this. Advance sectors are divided into different parts and students who have no idea are guided accordingly through the courses. Most students take advanced it lightly. People who are interested in digital outsourcing usually think this is a very easy and light side where everything is very easy. Most of them think they will be able to...

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Outsourcing in Bangladesh

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Since the dawn of civilization, man has been starving for being successful and well established in life. For that, they are trying to achieve whatever they can to earn a living. From agricultural works to manual labor, man has been becoming self-sufficient to support their family. But still, in our country, we can find a large number of people unemployed. They have to go running around to get a job. Even if they get one, for most of the cases, it seems the job becomes much difficult for that person from various aspects. But now in this modern era, man has found a way to do online earning as a freelancer and is saving himself from the darkness of unemployment. They are now performing an outsourcing job and thus being self-sufficient. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is a major and significant solution to those people who are currently into doing nothing and passing leisure gossiping or sitting idly. By breaking the word “Outsourcing” we can get two small words, “Out” and “Source”. It generally involves making the contract with a company perform a particular task. We take the job online. And henceforth we are paid. Such job is easy and does not require much labor cost. Just having an internet connection is enough to do online earning. By only having an internet connection, one can utilize his leisure time through earning online. Then with a little effort, a person can actually complete his outsourcing job. So it is not a difficult job. Only skill is required. And any type of people is suitable for this job. Even though the job sounds easy, however outsourcing in Bangladesh has many problems. Bangladesh is a small country. In respect to its land area, it contains a massive amount of population. But still, if we go on taking a survey, we will find that most of the people are unemployed. Having a huge amount of population is not serving any purpose. That’s why Bangladesh is considered as one of the least developed countries. There is not much outsourcing training in Bangladesh. The outsourcing job is online based. Our country has neither a well-developed internet nor is the communication system well established. In other countries, people are being self-sufficient by online outsourcing as they have a good net connection. Their communication system is also good. On the other hand, the general mass of our country is not even aware of such a thing where people can actually do online earning as a freelancer and become self-sufficient. So outsourcing in Bangladesh is quite difficult to spread. Though it can serve many purposes, but yet it is not easily affordable. Some cannot even fluently speak English. Besides, the electricity problem is very common in the country. If load shedding occurs, it turns out to be a great massive problem to the mass. In some places, electricity has not even reached. And another problem is the poor communication system. It is essential on the path of online outsourcing. So, outsourcing in Bangladesh has yet to become common and popular in our country. On the other hand, the developing countries are more advanced due to their well-established internet connection and high-speed internet. They have sufficient outsourcing training. They also have a better paying method compared to ours. So to cope...

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Prospects of IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh

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Outsourcing is repeatedly used term in Bangladesh at this moment. Bangladesh is getting priority in IT outsourcing sector around the world. Prospects of IT outsourcing in Bangladesh is very high as we have a good number of experienced and skilled IT professionals working with low cost and quality work. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business function to a third-party service provider. Originally BPO used to use in manufacturing firms. But now it means the outsourcing of services that can be done through the use of Information Technology (IT). There are several reasons why organizations do outsourcing. Cost saving, cost restructuring, knowledge, improve quality, contract, operational expertise, staffing issues etc. are the important reasons. To fulfill these needs of organizations Freelancing business is becoming popular worldwide day by day. Mckinsey an International investment consultancy firm forecast that, the global BPO business will amount $480 billion by 2020. India will be in first position and China, Philippines, and Malaysia will follow India. With the continuous progress of internet freelancing outsourcing in Bangladesh has become very popular. If Bangladesh among best spots for IT outsourcing could grab 1% of the total market share, then it can earn huge foreign earnings. Compared to other sectors outsourcing in Bangladesh is very lucrative right at this moment. Why would western countries do outsourcing with Bangladeshi companies? There are many advantages of outsourcing in Bangladesh. Those includes – Costing: Bangladesh can provide low cost wage comparing to any other countries in the world. Any company can save up to 60% of their production cost. Geographical Benefits and Service Time: Bangladeshi outsourcing centers are enabling to serve its customers globally. According to 2009 India’s HR cost has increased 100% that is why we are in a very cost effective position. Companies are looking for new options, so for outsourcing we are in a proper geographical position.The time difference between Bangladesh and USA is 12 hours and between UK is 6 hours, for this reason companies are getting the real time service. Quality of Service: Bangladeshi outsourcing firms are maintaining high standard of quality and they are improving country’s image. Availability of Skilled Professionals: Bangladesh has a pool of skilled IT professionals who are well qualified, experienced, and their knowledge adds a huge advantage in this field. Support of Bangladesh Government: Outsourcing industry of Bangladesh is now getting huge support from its government. Bangladesh Government is making rules that are going to attract foreign investment. Outsourcing Experience: Right now Bangladesh is not a new born baby in outsourcing industry. Bangladesh has gathered a lot of experience as more than 20 countries is outsourcing from Bangladesh. Young generation of this country is earning a good amount of money by outsourcing on the basis of experience and job categories. There are several outsourcing job categories in this sector which are Website Development, Web Design, Software Development, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Photo Manipulation, Core Animation, SEO etc. For technical work freelancers earn $15 to $20 per hour, for admin and non-technical work $5 to $10 on an average. A new comer earns around $2 to $5 depending on the type of job. Outsourcing jobs requires only 10% of technical expertise, 50% of marketing expertise on...

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Obstacles of online outsourcing in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a developing country. The country is struggling for financial solvency. Any kind of development is needed achieving it. IT based earning system can be the path of Bangladesh’s prosperity. Today, the world is going forward with high speedy Computer and Internet technology. Outsourcing is the best earning source for the new world. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is a vital option for its development. The young educated generation is cursed with unemployment in the country. Outsourcing can give them financial freedom. To remove curse of poverty outsourcing in Bangladesh is so needful. Financial solvency can back the peace in Bangladesh. Though Bangladesh has a great possibility for it, there have many obstacles here. Obstacles of online outsourcing in Bangladesh is the main hinder for this job. Lack of adequate resources like electricity, internet facility and payment system are the main obstacles of it. As a developing country, Bangladesh has no ample facility in electricity. Yet, Bangladesh cannot achieve freedom in this sector. Hence, it is the main element for this job. Internet, the most important tool of outsourcing. People of the country are sufferer from low speedy internet facility. Without high speedy internet system, it is impossible to achieve success in online outsourcing. Payment system of outsourcing job is so nice in the rest of the world. However, renowned payment systems like PayPal, Alert pay are inactive in Bangladesh. However, the systems have come to us, with alternative means. Geographically, Bangladesh is a perfect part of the world. It has many resources. As per gift of Allah, the people of the country are very talent. The educated young generation is coming forward to online income from Bangladesh. The government has taken steps eradicating illiteracy and has given emphasize on education. Except education, outsourcing is impossible. . A country cannot achieve its goal without global communication. Foreign currency earning has a great impact on economy for any country. Through online income from Bangladesh, the young educated generation can earn well. Facility of outsourcing is a blessing for Bangladesh. It can bring financial freedom in the country. Knowledge of computer technology is so good of the people of Bangladesh. Using this technology, the youth can be free from unemployment. On the other hand Excessive Load- shedding, scarcity of high speedy internet connection the two common problems of achieving IT outsourcing from Bangladesh. Computer technology is dependent on electricity. Alternatively, online outsourcing is totally computer-based work. As a developing country, Bangladesh cannot be sufficient with electricity. Internet is the most vital element of outsourcing. Without it, outsourcing is unimaginable. The poor facility of internet is the main problem of outsourcing. Developed countries are taking full internet facility but we cannot do any work properly using internet. International sub-marine cable system does not connect with Bangladesh directly for internet. It is the main reason of low speedy internet in this country. It is the greatest suffering for outsourcing having no high speedy internet. Online work in Bangladesh has a great opportunity. Most of the people of the country are poor. They have no more want without living. Online employers are generally citizen of Europe/America or other developed country. They seek opportunity to complete their work at lower cost as possible. In this sense, Bangladesh is their first choice. Bangladeshi freelancers do outsourcing at...

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