Graphics Design course in Bangladesh

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Nowadays graphics design course in Bangladesh is very spankable and demanding topics; its popularity increases day by day. There are so many reputed institutions in our country offers Graphics Design courses. Graphics Design courses include web design, web application, SEO, magenta, WordPress, web design & development, web application development, freelancing training, responsive web design and so many. Bangladesh is a developing country, at this time, so many people are educated but unemployed. Suit design courses help to reduce unemployment problem and poverty reduction also. In our country, this publication design provides a huge knowledgeable training and learning constructive project that also helps to make a skillful professional. In fact Graphics Design courses are a combination of huge technological information and creative thoughts from the mind optics of the designer. Interior design in Bangladesh offers Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, diploma, short courses and trainings. To be a graphic professional, anybody can choose any degrees on the basis of his/her requirements. Mass people got a variety of information from the online sources. Specially students & women’s can get the facility by learning these courses and can survive their living cost of doing various part time jobs. However, today’s people cannot give proper time for professional learning. So they choose online courses that help them to get a clear idea about this popular topic. Online graphic design institutions have been arranged some necessary course materials by post. Actually, these are mainly self learning materials in the form of CDs or DVDs. CDs or DVDs deliver an effective video tutorial with proper guideline and detailed explanation that are very much supportive of the learners. The most benifited part of online graphic design course is anybody can learn whatever they wants. There is no restricted time period. Importance of graphic design course in Bangladesh: • Graphic design plays a vital role for human civilizations. • It helps to reduce joblessness and idleness. Because job crisis is the big problem in Bangladesh. After completing the graphic design courses, job opportunities are available. • Anyone can easily earn extra money by doing graphic design. • It is cost effective course. • In Bangladesh female are most familiar for freelancing job, they can do easily graphic design at home. • Graphic design is the most useful for marketing and Advertising. In general the importance of graphic design course in Bangladesh is growing day by day. People are more interested to get admitted in artistic design courses.Individual can easily build his/her career in this dreamy sector. Because challenging future and good opportunities are available as a great graphic...

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How Online Outsourcing Is Creating Scopes for Job Explorers

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People are getting smarter now, with the use of Internet and technology we have access to all sorts of information and most innovative paths of utilizing them. This evidently opens up the path to numerous opportunities starting from looking up an easier way of cooking your favorite recipe online to sharing your expertise with the world. Thus now you are able to use the internet, we have access to possibilities like lending your skills to individuals and companies alike who are willing to even pay for it, opening up a new world of online outsourcing. Even ten years back People used to rummage through the job section of various newspapers to find out any advertisement for job and then circled the suitable jobs with dark red pen. Next they had to type and print out their latest resume and finally after sending the job application with all the copies of their certificates in a bulky and fat envelop, they could finally say that I have applied for a job! If these rather unfortunate individuals knew that after ten years or so they could have applied to a job just by few clicks of mouse, they might prefer to time travel to this time and enjoy all the benefits of this time. This is the common scenario now; people can actually get a job just by clicking on few links. And with the advent of Internet and advancement of technology this process has become much more effortless now. With this came one of the revolutionary job prospect called online outsourcing. According to World Bank “Online outsourcing refers to the contracting of third‐party workers and providers (often overseas) to supply services or perform tasks via Internet‐based marketplaces or platforms. These technology mediated channels allow clients to outsource their paid work to a large, distributed, global labor pool of remote workers, to enable performance, coordination, quality control, delivery, and payment of such services online.” In simple words Outsourcing means the process where clients who are need of inexpensive but quality work, contact workers or service providers worldwide for completing particular task. Online Outsourcing is creating innumerable job prospects every day. According to a poll conducted by The Guardian 79% of the business readers said “”using freelancers is a big part of our business strategy.” In the bigger perspective free lancing provides a training ground as well as opportunities to further enhancing your skill and so on and not to mention you get to do something more down your alley while making money of it. Studies show that people who often looks up “outsourcing” in a search engine is looking to earn money through the Internet. Online outsourcing is one of the efficient ways of making money through the set of skills one possess and can range up to high reimbursement based on level of skill required for the job. Outsourcing is not only an easier method of getting money, it can employ you to do something you enjoy, make use of the skills you already have and exposing you to new possibilities for utilizing them. While making a few bucks does not hurt with proper build up and through reinforcing your resume one can earn significant amounts of money over proper channels. One thing to remember is that with outsourcing the opportunities...

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Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh

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The outsourcing job is the new buzz word of the job market. Because of flexible working hour, no constant supervision, time zone difference; Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh, is even higher. Bangladesh has a total population of 166 million, of which, 21% are woman aging from 20-44.With 70% educated rate (though the figure is very controversial and so is the quality of education), it can be clearly seen a huge job market exist here for the woman. Empowerment of women is a rising issue and the government constantly gears it up with the quota system everywhere. But getting a job is not as difficult as it is, to stay in it for- women. The social barriers, family issues, hostile work environment, child rearing issues can get in the way to woman empowerment in Bangladesh. However, the benefits of outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh outweighs this problem. So a larger Outsourcing job market exists for women in Bangladesh. Today I am going to discuss the problem of Bangladeshi women at workplace and how it is resolved by the recompense outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh as well as around the globe. Advantages of outsourcing jobs for Women in Bangladesh that outweighs the barriers in a full-time job. Image Credit: Quotsgram No more gender pay gap Yes, there exist a very well known and detail researched term to define the difference between the income of a same positioned man and woman. We more or less know about the half earning scenario of contraction women workers and garment worker in Bangladesh. Even in the corporate job some local companies with no clear HR guideline show major discrepancies between the remuneration of a man and woman. Did you know even in USA Women needs to work more than 70 additional days each year to earn as much as a man in the same position! Not only that, this gap is positively related to age. On an average, a full-time working woman, who has spent 40 years in service will need to work 12 years more, to earn as much as the man. Asian women earn least in compared to Men The advantage of doing Outsourcing jobs for women in Bangladesh as well as in the globe is, here no such disparity exists. In an Outsourcing job, one gets work based on his/her profile and portfolio. Pay will not vary with differences in gender End of hostile works environments In 2008, a study from the Harvard Business review revealed-Over time 50% women who are working in the field of science, engineering and technology will leave, because of hostile work environment. Other than teaching in most industry women in the workplace are always stereotyped- as less capable or less efficient or not as good as a man. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power, and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power, and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment. This mentality delays efficient woman’s promotion, increment, power and every incentive that can drive to woman empowerment. In a third world country like Bangladesh, this trend is very dominant. Those who still works have been accepted the fact. However, there are a big number of women who leave jobs due to...

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Freelancing Training in Bangladesh

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Freelancing is the most trending topic of recent times. It has greatly changed the conventional concept of work. The traditional ideas of job, workplace, hiring, office, co-workers, work hours, etc. are gradually getting changed. Now everything tends to be more and more flexible and online. Not only that, it has also created huge employment opportunities all around the world. Bangladesh is rising as an emerging market in the field of outsourcing. According to the website Tech in Asia, Bangladesh is ranked as the 7th most popular destination for outsourcing out of 186 countries. Freelancing defined In short, freelancing is working for a company for a particular span of time and thus make money online. Individuals doing so are known as a freelancer. This is a good option for part time jobs, but many people are making a full-fledged living out of it. Lots of individuals choose to freelance because it gives them the liberty of selecting their own work schedule, workspace, and remuneration according to their convenience. There are many freelancing sites or online marketplaces, for example Elance, Upwork (formerly oDesk), Fiverr, People per Hour, etc. from where many employers are carrying out outsourcing. In such marketplaces prospective employees showcase their skills and offer to work for the company. If both buyer and contractor (freelancer) agree on the work, duration and pay, then a contractual agreement takes place. After that the freelancer can start working. Background of freelancing The concept of online freelancing started to take shape from the beginning of this century. However, it has boomed in the past few years. With the advancement in the technology field, this concept is growing by leaps and bounds. This is not a mere notion anymore. Rather, it has become an inseparable part of the modern corporate field. Change in work culture is augmented in the spread of freelancing. Now-a-days it is becoming increasingly common to work from home and as per one’s own convenience. Therefore, people are going for it. In addition the overall IT scene, especially the internet speed and reach, has increased a lot recently. This aspect is a great beneficial factor for the betterment of this sector. Due to the reach of internet in the rural and remote areas of Bangladesh, online income has become a reality for many individuals. Present situation Freelancing represents itself as a promising field today. More and more individuals get involved in this arena every day. Mostly organizations from developed countries post various online jobs and freelancers from anywhere in the world can get hired. Since this is quite useful for both the contractor and the company, it is getting prevalent very fast. A lot of people are engaged with outsourcing in Bangladesh and the amount of their online earning is quite commendable. Bangladesh’s status in freelancing field In Bangladesh many people look for ways of how to earn money online. According to The Daily Star, it is estimated that there are about 550,000 registered freelancers in our country. They regularly do works like data entry, graphic design, content writing, search engine optimization, and so on. The projected revenue from this field is to reach $100 million by the year 2020. So the idea of freelancing in Bangladesh is getting widespread with time. Bangladeshi freelancers are working in different online marketplaces on...

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Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career

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So, you want to be a freelancer? You want to start your own online business, where you will be your own boss. Sounds awesome right? But being a successful freelancer requires planning and you have to be disciplined in life. Although these Top 30 steps to success in freelancing career seem pretty common, if you actually follow these rules by your heart, then you will be at the pinnacle of your career in no time. 1. Keep a regular daily schedule and plan your days ahead Freelancing is not like other 9 to 5 job. Most of the time a freelancer takes multiple of projects at the same time. As a result, they feel like they don’t have a life. That is why it is you must make a daily schedule for your work time so that you have leisure time, where you can enjoy your social life. You should also make a habit to plan your weekly schedule. At the beginning of the week, write the coming deadline, how much you should spend on each project each day, or the schedule of meeting with your clients. This habit will make you more organized and increase your work efficiency. 2. Use free software whenever it’s possible, but buy the premium tools that will make your work more productive You shouldn’t have the wrong idea as most people do that free software isn’t good. When you are at the beginning of your freelancing career it is better to use free software. Some free software is as good as the premium software. When you are starting to get few clients, then you should think about getting premium software. You should not pay for the software that you will be used rarely. Pay those ones that you are going to use regularly. You will be amazed to see your progress increase dramatically when you will use the proper free and premium software. 3. Make a blog/website You should build a blog/website. As a freelancer, your portfolio should be in your own blog/website, which will represent you more professional to your clients. Also, you will have an identity, where your clients can find you. 4. Make a logo To be professional, you have to act like one. If you want to increase the number of your client’s in a tight market, create an exquisite logo. If you don’t know how to create an eye-catching logo, then take professional help. A beautiful logo on your business card or website will make you look like a professional and it will help to get some extra clients. 5. Update your website/blog regularly After opening a blog/website, update is regularly. If you don’t, then a new client will visit your website/blog and see that you haven’t posted for a very long time. They might choose someone else because they need an active freelancer. 6. Lear when to say ‘No’ When you don’t have time to take any more projects, politely say No to your other new client’s. You will be in the worst place if you take everyone’s project. Your work quality will be poor, you may even lose clients. This will not be the ideal situation for you. 7. Give your online visitors something free People love to use free service. If you want more visitors...

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Importance of Internet Marketing for Your Business

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Why Internet marketing for business is essential If you have never searched for a product or service online and consider internet marketing or online marketing as a waste of money, then I have some news for you. In 2014 a worldwide research data show that among all the consumers 89% consumers look for information on-Product, business or professionals in search engines. Not only that a research by Ipsos and Google revealed that 88% smartphone users and 84% tablet user conduct search online to know about local goods and services. With the increasing use of the Internet in finding a right product/service the need of internet marketing has also increased. A changing approach from inbound marketing to internet marketing for business Even three to five years back people used to think-Internet marketing for small and medium business is a luxury. But at today’s context internet marketing is must have feature for all sizes of business. Email marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing all these terms are now included in a regular marketing guide’s glossary. Popular marketing techniques like -Printing flyer and distributing has become obsolete. Definitely TV advertisement still influences a big portion of consumers, but it is much more expensive than internet marketing techniques like-social media marketing, email marketing and etc. Moreover Tv and newspaper campaign is more suitable for corporate on medium enterprises. Definitely TV advertisement still influences a big portion of consumers, but it is much more expensive than internet marketing techniques like-social media marketing, email marketing and etc. Moreover Tv and newspaper campaign is more suitable for corporate on medium enterprises. Today’s consumer uses internet not only for information also for giving feedback on a product or service. These reviews serve as an easy and reliable tool of evaluation to other internet users who are prospective consumers. Thus Internet marketing has become essential, even for small and medium business. Techniques of Internet Marketing While making a business plan for Internet marketing it is essential to know the basic about the various types of online marketing tools. Internet marketing covers such a big area of marketing techniques that each segment may need an independent business plan and a coherent coordination among them. Here I am targeting few which are applicable and can be quite useful for any size of business. 1. Content Marketing for small and medium business Content marketing is a broad term, it involves many steps. But if it is used properly than return on investment become very high. Here target group is first made aware of the need of the business’s product (indirectly, without mentioning the name) than they are motivated to find a solution and buy the product/service. Content marketing can take many forms like-Video, photo, info-graphic, white paper, case study, blog or website. These media primarily communicate with customer/reader/viewer and don’t try to sell things to them directly. Rather the target group gets involved and become a loyal customer even before they or the business knows. It can also gear up effect on other efforts of internet marketing like-social media marketing, email marketing, SEO etc. 2. Social Media marketing for small and medium business Social media marketing is- attracting consumers to product/services through suitable use of social media sites like-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram any many more. By social media marketing business try to...

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Business Opportunity in Kuwait

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Business Opportunity in Kuwait A Country with Immense Potential and Huge Possibilities Kuwait is officially known as the State of Kuwait, an Arab country in Western Asia. It has a population of 4.1 million people as of 2014. Kuwait City is the capital and the largest city of Kuwait. Kuwait is a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). It has the world’s 5th largest oil reserves of about 104 billion barrels. Economy Kuwait has the second most free economy in the Middle East. In terms of per capita income, it is the 4th richest country in the world. The Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) is the highest-valued currency unit in the world. Petroleum and petroleum-products make up around 80% of government income and 95% of export revenues. The Kuwait Stock Exchange is the 2nd largest stock exchange in the Arab world. A significant rise in entrepreneurship and small business start-ups has been observed in the last five years (2010-2014). Lots of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs are using the Instagram-based business model due to its growing popularity. Kuwait is the largest foreign investor in the Arab world and has directed investments to Europe, United States, and Asia Pacific. So, why is Kuwait a potential country for business? Strategically located Kuwait is located in a notable strategic location in the North West corner of the Arabian Gulf, sharing borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It gives Kuwait the chance of accessing dynamic markets in various directions, including East Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, and into Eastern and Central Europe. Substantial government resources Due to the Government’s strong financial state, it has the ability to support large scale projects. Open market economy Kuwait follows the trend to practice a relatively liberal trade with open markets for foreign trade and flexible policies. Cost competitiveness Kuwait is cost competitive in terms of fuel, electricity, water, land and labor. Adequate ICT infrastructure In Kuwait, the number of internet users is 3,022,010. Internet penetration is 92.50%, mobile penetration in the country is said to be 100% and smart phone penetration is 69% and rising. Software development and IT businesses have spread out in a wide range, reflecting the scenario of quick technology adoption and development of ICT infrastructure. Enabling 100% foreign ownership in businesses The Kuwait Government is making intensive efforts to facilitate foreign investment in the country by encouraging 100% foreign ownership in 14 open economic sectors.  Huge Business Opportunities in Kuwait Recently, Kuwait has embarked towards the future with a vision of transforming it into a leading financial and commercial center. Potential business opportunities in various sectors are open and available for the foreign and local investors. The key sectors include: infrastructure development, chemical manufacturing, environmental services, education and training, healthcare, integrated housing projects and urban development, banking, financial services, insurance, transport, tourism, IT and software development. Kuwait is also a key market for those looking to target the gulf region with their Online Business efforts. With an active internet population, it has become a very tech savvy country in the past 5 years. This makes it an extremely profitable market for those interested in Internet Marketing in the Middle East. Web development is becoming gradually more vital for customer-centric businesses in Kuwait. 87% of internet users are on social media networks and actively interact on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram on...

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Business Opportunity in Jacksonville

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Business Opportunity in Jacksonville –A Leading Transport, Distribution, and Business Center in Florida, USA   Jacksonville is the largest city of Florida in the United States, located in Duval County on the banks of the St. Johns River. It is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the most populous city of Florida. It is the twelfth most populous city in the United States. It is one of the most important Southern centers of finance, commerce, and insurance on the Atlantic coast. Why is Jacksonville considered as a great place for starting and expanding businesses? A Leading Center for Transport and Distribution Jacksonville is the leading logistics and distribution center in the state. Jacksonville has the largest deep-water port in the South Atlantic and is a leading port for automobile imports in the U.S. Due to the harbor improvements since the late 19th century, Jacksonville has become a major military and civilian deep-water port. The port of Jacksonville is the third largest seaport of Florida. The city has four airports, three seaports, a highway system that interlinks three major interstates and a railway system with three railroads. Low cost Jacksonville is an affordable city for conducting businesses. Among the five major metropolitan areas in Florida, Jacksonville ranks the lowest and lower than many comparable cities nationwide in terms of cost of living. Local Program for Enhancing Business The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce takes the local economic improvement initiatives. It is directed by individuals and a group of companies who provide the leadership and resources to forward business expansion and reposition in Jacksonville. Investment is done for the purpose of business recruitment, strengthen existing business services, and special economic initiatives. State Program to Create Globally Competitive Business Environment Enterprise Florida is a partnership between Florida’s government and business leaders. It helps to increase new economic prospects for all Floridians by supporting the creation of a well-trained workforce, quality jobs, and globally competitive businesses. Available Labor Force Jacksonville is a suitable and attractive site for expanding companies, because of its abundance of workers due to the area’s educational institutions, a strong military presence, in-migration and natural growth. Compared to all major Florida cities, the population of Jacksonville is significantly younger. Economy and Major Industries in Jacksonville As Jacksonville is located on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, the location helped to increase the growth of the city and its industry. The city’s economy is diverse. The area’s economy includes distribution, consumer goods, financial services, information services, manufacturing, biomedical technology, and other industries. Services such as logistics, insurance, banking and healthcare play a significant role in the economy. Like Florida, tourism is also important to Jacksonville, especially tourism related to golf. Items and goods produced in Jacksonville are machinery, aircraft, paper and paper products, building products, tobacco, soft drinks, beer, and optical and surgical products. Jacksonville is a major place for import-export operations. The principal exports are transportation and construction equipment,generators, chemicals, paper, health and beauty products cigars and wood pulp. Important imported goods are automobiles and coffee. Recently, two new subsea cables, coming from the North and South America, are landing in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is soon becoming a vital interconnection point by connecting internet traffic between North and South America. For its business-friendly environment, lower business operating cost and...

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Business Opportunity in Kelowna

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Business Opportunity in Kelowna- An Attractive Business Location in British Columbia, Canada.   Kelowna is the largest city in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It is the 22nd largest city in Canada. Situated on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is one of the most liveable cities in Canada. It has become an attractive city for working and doing business as well. Why is Kelowna an Attractive Location for Business? Kelowna has become a prime business location for its mild climate, good transportation system, diverse economy, trained labor force, stable and a high level telecommunication system, and the availability of various recreational opportunities. Kelowna is an ideal city for business startups, expansion and relocation. Economy and Key Business Sectors of Kelowna Kelowna is the main marketing and distribution center of the Okanagan Valley. It has a diverse economy with major industries including agriculture, tourism, forestry, light industrial, manufacturing and construction. Kelowna’s growing tree fruit industry and booming light industrial sector compete on a world scale. Kelowna is known for the manufacture of boats, body armor, plastics, fiberglass and oil field equipment. Kelowna’s key growth industry includes wine production, health care, high tech sector such as aerospace development, information technology and video game development. Kelowna produces wines that have received international recognition. Tourism is one of the major drivers of Kelowna’s economy. This industry plays an important role in creating a diversity of jobs and a private sector for business investment. Kelowna is a tourism destination which offers exceptional experiences in all seasons for its moderate climate, outstanding beaches and ski resorts. Kelowna is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Canada. Both golf and wine have become significant drivers of overnight visitation in the Kelowna area. Conventions, festivals, meetings, sporting events and agri-tourism play a vital role in tourism. The tourism business is expected to grow more with ongoing improvements to Kelowna’s air access and infrastructure. Kelowna International Airport is one of the top ten airports in Canada. It is situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley and plays an important role in the prosperity and economic development. It serves 1.4 million passengers annually. Information Technology is one of the most rapidly emerging economic sectors in the Kelwona city. The ongoing development of this sector continues to make the region as a technology incubator. Kelowna is well connected to the rest of the world. Telecommunications infrastructure is first rate, offering reliable, high speed online connectivity. Several local government organizations and the private sector, are actively involved in the promotion of Kelowna as a hub for technology innovation. As ICT infrastructure is stable and strong in Kelowna, Online Business opportunity is abound here. Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley is an appealing and moderately affordable city to live in. An enviable climate, surrounded by mountains and lakes, and easy access to leisure and recreational centers, it attracts the location-independent businesses and entrepreneurs. For more information about the business opportunity in Kelowna and how to start your own successful Online Business see, The Business Success Blueprint. Writer: Khurshid Sharmin Advance IT...

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Business Opportunity in Kolkata

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Business Opportunity in Kolkata – A City with Huge Business Prospects in West Bengal, India   Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the capital of West Bengal state, India. It is the principal commercial, financial, cultural, and educational center of East India and located on the Hooghly river. It is India’s 3rd largest metropolitan city with a population of 14 million. Kolkata City is known as the economic hub of eastern India. The city is combining traditional occupations with modern industries and offering new business and investment opportunities. Economy Kolkata City has a large semi-skilled and un-skilled labor population along with knowledgeable workers. About two-fifths of the workers are employed in trade and commerce. It reflects the fact that the city’s economy is mercantile in nature. Other important occupations include public-sector service in government departments, and medical, educational and financial institutions. The private-sector services cover accountancy and credit firms, the stock exchange, legal services, educational services, medical services and different utility services. Major Business Sectors Kolkata is home to many industrial sectors. These sectors are operated by large public and private corporations. Major industrial and business sectors consist of agriculture, mining, steel, heavy engineering, electronics, electrical equipments, cable, leather, cement, pharmaceuticals, food processing, textiles and jute. Kolkata is also a major military port and the only city in eastern India to have an international airport. Different industrial units, operated by some huge Indian corporations such as Birla Corporation, ITC and Allahabad Bank, are located in Kolkata. In recent years, real estate is a booming and flourishing business in Kolkata. Renowned multinational organizations like DLF and MGF have shown interest in Kolkata which has accelerated and increased the value of the real estate business of the city. Currently, there have been huge investments in the housing infrastructure sector and several new projects are coming up in the city. In Kolkata, sectors such as oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and food processing have attracted substantial investments. For creating new business opportunities and developing foreign investment area in Kolkata, the government has taken various programs and policies. The government offers a variety of loans and financial support for doing business. The adoption of the ‘Look East’ policy by the government of India and the opening of Sikkim’s ‘Nathu La’ mountain pass located between India and China, has encouraged the South-East Asian countries to invest in Indian markets and has put Kolkata in an advantageous position. IT and Online Business Sector Kolkata is becoming a major center for IT (Information Technology) industry as IT sector is growing at 70% yearly, which is twice the national average. It has largely led the economic revival of Kolkata. Kolkata possesses a strong IT infrastructure and huge potential for IT companies. In 2014, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has conducted a survey where Kolkata ranked third in terms of number of internet users (6.27 million). Mumbai ranked first with 16.4 million internet users and Delhi got second position with 12.15 million internet users. For the availability of a strong IT infrastructure, Online Business is also flourishing in Kolkata. The possibilities are huge for doing different types of Internet Marketing and Online businesses here. Kolkata provides a variety of opportunities for businesses. The city also offers a greater scope of huge returns on investments. For more...

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