Freelancing in Bangladesh

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Freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing in Bangladesh is now becoming a new phenomenon in Bangladesh. Everyday more people especially young people are rushing to this sector. Young peoples want more freedom in work, eager to show their skill and overall thinking in a creative way. Freelancing is giving them all those opportunities as well as handsome value for work. These are the basic reasons why people in Bangladesh getting involved in this sector increasingly. Bangladeshi freelancers are doing very well on all platforms for freelancers such as Upwork, Elance, etc. Most importantly, remittance against outsourcing is increasing in unbelievable pace in Bangladesh. Statistics shows that freelancing will be the top remittance giving sector in Bangladesh within few years.

Freelancing is a way of selling service on some worldwide common platform like Upwork, Elance, people per etc. Almost every kind of jobs is available here. Peoples can choose the right area where they think they are most skilled and offer service at competitive rate. Till now, internet marketing is the most popular sector in sub-continent as well as in Bangladesh. But all other professional area has vast open opportunity waiting to be filled up.

Freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing is not a very old sector in Bangladesh. Few years back, situation was different than present. This sector was unknown to general people except some IT professionals although all kinds of professional jobs available there. Payment systems were not user friendly and government in Bangladesh also didn’t give clear statement about their view to this sector. And most importantly internet infrastructure was not at standard mark to cope up this freelancing sector.

In the period of 2010-11, a wave came in favor of freelancing sector when some real development to the internet facility seen for the first time. Bandwidth and speed have gone up through some 4G operators when they started their operation in Bangladesh. Although these facilities were costly then but it opened the door of endless possibility to freelancing in Bangladesh.

Freelancing sector got first negative hit at 2012 because of some scam like pay PTC spreading in Bangladesh. Some people thought that it was an easy way to be rich without hard work and got caught. But afterwards those scams got cracked.

From the end of 2012, freelancing again got a boost up in Bangladesh and it’s expanding every day. Government of Bangladesh declares positive view to freelancing sector as well as payment procedures are more flexible. Above all peoples are now getting insight information more easily and preparing themselves accurately. A lot of online tutorials are available as well as qualified freelancing training centers are there now days. Among them Advance IT Institute doing a large in freelancing sector in Bangladesh. From 2013 they build a lot of freelancers with the help of their smooth and dedicated training.

At the end, we must need to say that, whatever facilities are getting by freelancers are not enough. Comparing to competitor countries, there are much more steps need to be taken by government to facilitate freelancing sector in Bangladesh. Among these steps, two are most important such as internet expense should be far lower and international payment processors like PayPal should be invited and accepted as early as possible. Bangladeshi freelancers have infinite possibility in freelancing sector to be number one in ranking and to earn tremendous amount of foreign remittance in Bangladesh.