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How to start freelancing in Bangladesh

By on Jun 6, 2017 in Blog |

Freelancing is a contract between a company and people by which one can easily associate with a work of his/her own choice. Freelancers are often considered as self-employed and they have the opportunity to choose the project or work of their own capability. Such as a common of the profession of freelancing is web designing; a web designer can easily submit his/her work in different companies without being contracted to any one company in particular. Now I will describe How to start freelancing in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, freelancers are most of the male person but now day’s female freelancers are increasing. The main reason of freelancing is good earnings and flexibility of the work. In the scenario of Bangladesh where there is huge lacking of job opportunities for the educated people, freelancing is a sector by which they can earn a respective salary of his/her work. As well as one can easily prove himself/herself in front of the world’s biggest job market by his own capabilities. How to start freelancing in Bangladesh Freelancers are also known as the online marketer. They mostly work for the clients of USA and UK. In Bangladesh, one can easily start his freelancing experience by working with Upwork. By opening a Verified Identity a qualified person of his own field can easily start his/her career in the open job market site. A person can get a job from the upwork by the bidding process. By this process, a client will justify you. If your profile and presentation can impress them you can easily get the job with a time limit. The work must be submitted on time if you want the right price for your work. Further, it will help to build your working profile stronger. In future, your punctuality and working profile will give you the strength to get a convenient job in the open marketplace. Without Upwork there are lots of sites who can give you the job by this bidding process. There is some way to get the job in Upwork and any other sites by following those steps. Like, you have to complete your upwork profile completely. By attaching some relevant portfolio and sample work can be an easy access to...

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How to Pick the Best Foosball Table

By on Apr 5, 2017 in Business opportunity |

Introduction: Are you going through in a hard time to pick up the best foosball table brand? if you are, then nothing to worry. Here I am to let you know, how to choose the best foosball table. Primary use: Generally, there are 4 types of foosball table brand that you can purchase them for your kids or yourself. If you have enough money and place in your home or playing room to settle a foosball table, having the standard foosball table will be the ultimate choice. If you are not so good at foosball table game and wish to learn the game, then having the tabletop one will be the best choice. And if there are a lot of kids in your house and they are interested in trying many alternative games like basketball but you don’t have big space for all game equipment, then having the multi-game table will be a right choice. Lastly, if you are a pubs or arcades holder and you want to present with the chance to your customer, then having the coin-operated foosball table will be the right choice. Quality: Quality matters a lot before purchasing the foosball table game. Because the well-known brand never wanted to lose their fame that has gained for a long time by providing you a poor-quality foosball table brand. Best quality foosball table brand will come up with durability and long lasting. Durability: Make certain that the foosball table brand, you are going to have is practically and solidly made. The lion’s share of foosball tables is available on the market is manufactured of rigid wood. Friendly say, if you are up to buying the best foosball table based on durability, then the tough and heavy foosball table might be the right decision. Price: Different types of foosball table are accessible on market differ with the price. Price has a good impact on foosball table game. if you determined to have it. comparing with other game, I must assure you that the foosball table game is high-priced than other. If you can’t afford a brand-new table, then you could consider buying a pre-loved table. But before payout for any pre-loved foosball table, you must check the...

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Why Upwork account is suspended and Steps for avoiding suspension

By on Apr 5, 2017 in Blog |

We blindly understand that freelancing means Upwork account and one PC/ laptop. Therefore, we have already opened the account and start freelancing activity on the disorganized way or haphazardly. Someday we swim in this sea. At last did not get the sea border die sinking. In order to arrive at any ocean swimming normal swimming can’t achieve this target, whether you’re a great swimmer you must be drowned in the sea. In this situation here a large ship is essential which can be cut away some high foot sea waves. The medium or large hit will not be any harm to the ship. You can say easily why ship word came in the freelancing? Hey, brother here ship means just your skill. Your skills will be as big as the sea would be easier to go. So if you have not enough skill or knowledge about freelancing then you have to die sinking that means your expected account may be suspended at any time. Our first mistake is when we open the account then we do not read thoroughly the details constitution of Upwork., this page has detailed description of all constitutions, rules regulation of the Upwork. This page has some subpages. Where for which reasons our Upwork account will be suspended their given details. If we follow those rules then I do not think that anyone account will be suspended. Whatever, I want to say something through my own word so that you can understand these topics clearly and better way. In this way all causes to write one by one, it’s really impossible and time-consuming. So, summarizing the key points grabbed. Also, there is a lot of pages you can easily collect huge information from that legal page. Why is Upwork account suspended? If your profile has contact details about your information such as phone, email, Skype, etc. is added anywhere. Or if you add your contact details to the cover letter. If anything is presented repeatedly or other profile information to share on your profile. Repeated means same thing is applied again and again. This implies that if you practice the same cover letter once more and once more. If you create trouble with the...

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Graphics Design course in Bangladesh

By on Jan 5, 2017 in Blog |

Nowadays graphics design course in Bangladesh is very spankable and demanding topics; its popularity increases day by day. There are so many reputed institutions in our country offers Graphics Design courses. Graphics Design courses include web design, web application, SEO, magenta, WordPress, web design & development, web application development, freelancing training, responsive web design and so many. Bangladesh is a developing country, at this time, so many people are educated but unemployed. Suit design courses help to reduce unemployment problem and poverty reduction also. In our country, this publication design provides a huge knowledgeable training and learning constructive project that also helps to make a skillful professional. In fact Graphics Design courses are a combination of huge technological information and creative thoughts from the mind optics of the designer. Interior design in Bangladesh offers Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, diploma, short courses and trainings. To be a graphic professional, anybody can choose any degrees on the basis of his/her requirements. Mass people got a variety of information from the online sources. Specially students & women’s can get the facility by learning these courses and can survive their living cost of doing various part time jobs. However, today’s people cannot give proper time for professional learning. So they choose online courses that help them to get a clear idea about this popular topic. Online graphic design institutions have been arranged some necessary course materials by post. Actually, these are mainly self learning materials in the form of CDs or DVDs. CDs or DVDs deliver an effective video tutorial with proper guideline and detailed explanation that are very much supportive of the learners. The most benifited part of online graphic design course is anybody can learn whatever they wants. There is no restricted time period. Importance of graphic design course in Bangladesh: • Graphic design plays a vital role for human civilizations. • It helps to reduce joblessness and idleness. Because job crisis is the big problem in Bangladesh. After completing the graphic design courses, job opportunities are available. • Anyone can easily earn extra money by doing graphic design. • It is cost effective course. • In Bangladesh female are most familiar for freelancing job, they can do easily graphic design...

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How Online Outsourcing Is Creating Scopes for Job Explorers

By on Feb 19, 2016 in Blog |

People are getting smarter now, with the use of Internet and technology we have access to all sorts of information and most innovative paths of utilizing them. This evidently opens up the path to numerous opportunities starting from looking up an easier way of cooking your favorite recipe online to sharing your expertise with the world. Thus now you are able to use the internet, we have access to possibilities like lending your skills to individuals and companies alike who are willing to even pay for it, opening up a new world of online outsourcing. Even ten years back People used to rummage through the job section of various newspapers to find out any advertisement for job and then circled the suitable jobs with dark red pen. Next they had to type and print out their latest resume and finally after sending the job application with all the copies of their certificates in a bulky and fat envelop, they could finally say that I have applied for a job! If these rather unfortunate individuals knew that after ten years or so they could have applied to a job just by few clicks of mouse, they might prefer to time travel to this time and enjoy all the benefits of this time. This is the common scenario now; people can actually get a job just by clicking on few links. And with the advent of Internet and advancement of technology this process has become much more effortless now. With this came one of the revolutionary job prospect called online outsourcing. According to World Bank “Online outsourcing refers to the contracting of third‐party workers and providers (often overseas) to supply services or perform tasks via Internet‐based marketplaces or platforms. These technology mediated channels allow clients to outsource their paid work to a large, distributed, global labor pool of remote workers, to enable performance, coordination, quality control, delivery, and payment of such services online.” In simple words Outsourcing means the process where clients who are need of inexpensive but quality work, contact workers or service providers worldwide for completing particular task. Online Outsourcing is creating innumerable job prospects every day. According to a poll conducted by The Guardian 79% of the business...

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